Fundamentals of Management Book Topics

Part I Introduction to Management

Chapter 1 management and organizations

Chapter 2 understanding management’s context: constraints and challenges

Part II Integrative Managerial Issues

Chapter 3 managing in a global environment

Chapter 4 managing diversity

Chapter 5 managing social responsibility and ethics

Chapter 6 managing change and innovation

Part III Planning

Chapter 7 managers as decision makers

Chapter 8 foundations of planning

Chapter 9 strategic management

Part IV Organizing

Chapter 10 basic organizational design

Chapter 11 adaptive organizational design

Chapter 12 managing human resources

Chapter 13 managing teams

Part V Leading

Chapter 14 understanding individual behavior

Chapter 15 managers and communication

Chapter 16 motivating employees

Chapter 17 managers as leaders

Part VI Controlling

Chapter 18 introduction to controlling

Chapter 19 managing operations

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