Preparing for My Career – Adaptive Organizational Design

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Ethical Dilemma

Everyone knows how happy and excited people were during the introduction and launching of the iPad by Apple. Right then there was another news. At&T’s website was hacked by a group of experts in computer self-proclaimed as the Goatse Security. This group got their hands on the numbers which was an identification for the iPads which are connected to the mobile network of the At & T. this particular group got its hand over several connections who were the first hundreds of thousand buyers of the iPad and found their email address and other important information about them.

The AT& T condemned these hackers by terming it as a malicious act and also made public apology to all those people who were affected. The Goatse group on the other hand termed their deed as a service for the public and analysts of the CNET also agreed with them. It has been seen that the researchers at times disclose some of the holes so that the vendors are kept honest. Complaints have been filed by several sources and the company has taken great amounts of time to fix the problem. In the meantime, the computers had been hacked and useful and valuable information had been stolen or computers were infected with virus and all the time, the owner of the computer did not have an idea about the breach in security going on. Thus the question arises as to whether ethical hacking exists and what implications Rae associated with it and the stakeholders.

Skillful Exercise

Acquire Power Skill

For any organization, power is a process which takes place naturally. Since powers are required for the performance of jobs in an effective manner, it is necessary that managers have these power. Having this kind of power is necessary as it will make them independent in their job and they will not ask others for the power since they will have it of their own. Having power, the managers do not ask others for the resources which are critical. If the resource which is handled by the manager are that important, cannot be substituted by anyone and also scarce, then their power will automatically hike up and other people will be much more dependent on them instead of the other way around.

Steps followed to Practice the Skills

Having the particular behavior is necessary if your wish to acquire some effective power and use them. Read this chapter to find out more.

  1. You need to be able to camouflage or hide your own self-interests if you wish to acquire some power. Having the power and the control of the resources should be determined based on what will benefit the organization as a whole and not just you individually.
  2. Development of the correct image. If you have an idea regarding the culture of the organization, you will also have an idea regarding what is wanted and valued by the organization from his employees in relation to things to avoid, dress and associates for cultivating. Whether you should be someone who takes risks or is aversive towards it, the kind of leadership which is preferred, how important it is to be well acquainted with the others and many more. Having this kind go knowledge gets you to project the correct kind of image. Thus as a holder of the power, your assessment will not only be done based on the performance you have shown from the point of view of objectives and it is more important to the attention that you have paid for the substance and the style.
  3. Gaining control over the resources of the organization. Having a control over those resources which are important and scares is a real way to acquire some power. Having a knowledge and being effective and an expert are good ways to acquire power. Having these kind of power will make you more important to the organization and this in turn will give you security over your jobs, a particular audience for the ideas you have and also a chance to advance yourself.
  4. Appear to be indispensable. Since it is appearance which is being dealt with over the objective kind of facts, if you act to be indispensable, it will automatically give you leverage and power over the other employees. It is particularly not necessary for you to be indispensable, having the will do the job. The important and prominent people of the company need to have belief in you and you are good to go.
  5. Being visible. It is important to be in a job where all your achievements are brought into the attention of the others in the company. However if you are not in one, you need to be try and be one. It is important that you have good connection and acquaintance with your colleagues and that some of them have good opinion about you and have no problem in seeking well of you. Also you need to be more active when it comes to the social functions in your office and need to bring forth all your achievements while submitting the reports to the high authorities. Thus it is important that you are visible and known and liked by people in your organization starting from your subordinates to your colleagues to your higher authorities.
  6. Development of allies who are influential. Getting power s made easier if you have some of the powerful people towards your side. It is important that you maintain good relationship with influential and powerful people who are not just your higher authorities but are also your colleagues and your subordinates. These people have the kind of news that they will give you which is quite confidential and will help you a lot to be positive. Also in case of any kind of dispute which you have put yourself in, having these kinds of allies will prove to be helpful.
  7. Avoid to be with members who have tainted reputation. You will always find people I every organization who are in a questionable position with the company with respect to their performance as well as their loyalty towards the company. It is important you keep your distance when it comes to these fringe members as being with them will only give you negative reputation, something which our wish to avoid.
  8. Supporting your Boss. It is important that your direct higher authority or your boss is on your side and lies you. Since it is in his hands as to whether you will have an immediate future with the organization or whether you will get proper promotion. Thus keeping him/ her on your side is highly necessary. It is important that you do things necessary so your boss can success and so she/he can look good in front of the others, also give that person your support in case of any siege. Also you need to be aware of all the criteria’s which that person will use for the purpose of accessing whether you are effective enough. Therefore never speak ill of your boss or never undermine the person.

Practice the Skill

Acquire power by prating the following suggested activities

  1. It I important that you keep a journal for a well where you will keep information about all the incidents that have taken place and how whether you have been successful at influencing the people who work around you. It is important to assess yourself during such situations and understand whether you have influenced people and if not, what approach you should have taken to be a success.
  2. Do your research on the origination. Have information regarding his promotions, on reorganizations and also on quality required to get higher designation from the position of management. Find articles which has led you to believe how important and necessary having power is. Also try and draw a relation to everything you read in those articles to everything you learnt in this sub-chapter.

Work Together

Exercise as a Team

Form groups amongst yourselves and try to find about the organization itself. F8nd articles related to learning of the organization and also file a report with the top five choice based on the members of your team. Form a pointed list of all the reactions you had and everything youfelt after reading the articles and also remember to use reference and quotes from the five chosen articles themselves.

Being a Manager

  • Have some tips which had made telecommuting be workable since you had to be one at a point of time
  • Keep a list of all those companies which are listed under Fortunes top companies to be associated with and always look them up of companies which provide a work environment which is employee friendly and also allows for arrangement of work which is flexible. Also find out what kind of arrangement they make us of.
  • Do some search on the innovations which have been taken by every company? Describe and evaluate some of the evaluation efforts which has been taken by some of these companies.
  • Also have a chart which describes design of the organization and list down the pros and cons as per your perspective.
  • Do some reading of famous books under the business category which will give you the required knowledge regarding doing businesses
  • Also list down points you need to be aware of if you wish to be a good enough manager and a successful one as well
  • Self-assess yourself and also have some important knowledge. Identify your weakness and try on work on them and also strengthen the existing good qualities you already possess.


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