Description of contemporary design of organization

You will find that the complete organization in team structure is composed of many work teams. There are various different organizational structures such as the structure of matrix which assigns the specialised members from the various departments to group together and work on either one or greater than one projects which are all headed by the same or the different project heads. A structure of a project can be defined as a structure where the respective employees work in projects continuously whereas a virtual organisation is composed of outside specialists who have been hired on a temporary basis as well as a small composition of his own personal employees to do work on different projects together.

A network organisation on the other hand can be described as one that has its own set of workers do certain activities as well as other external suppliers and connections to provide components for the product placements. The leaning organization on the other hand undergoes the process of continuous learning and changing and adapting to change. The few characteristics of this organization is collaborating and sharing information regarding work activities and overcoming physical and structural barriers to get a unified team.

Discussing the collaboration organized by organizations

The collaborative efforts of an organisation can either be external or internal. Internal collaboration is further of the type task forces, team which is cross-functional and communities of practise. It is formed temporarily for the purpose of tackling short term problems which affect several departments whereas a cross-functional team comprises of individuals from different sector. Communities consisting of service on the other hand has teams of person sharing common interest or problems and who spread and gain knowledge by interacting with each other on a continuous basis. External collaboration is further divided into strategic partnerships and open innovation. In strategic relationship two or more different organizations collaborate to work on a particular project whereas in open innovation, in search of creative ideas is extended beyond the organization to the outside.

Explanation of arrangement of work which is flexible

With arrangement of work which is completely flexible, the employees are deployed wherever and whenever they are needed to. The structural opinions are inclusive of compressed weeks of work, telecommuting, Job sharing and flexitime. In telecommuting the employees work from home through their computer instead of reporting at the office. In the compressed work week, it is needed for the employees to work on leaser number of days each week but they work for longer duration of time each day. in jib sharing, a single job is split between  more than or equal to two people whereas in flex time, employees have the flexibility to decide their work timing provided they follow the scheduled duration each day.

Discussion of organizing issues related to workforce which is contingent

The workers in contingent are composed of freelance workers, workers who work on a temporary basis and contract workers. Their employment is based on the demand or need for their service. The issue of organizing lies in understanding who works in a manner which is independent contractor, the process soft recruitment is set up and contingent workers are placed after rigorous screening. There should also be a particular method set for setting these goals or mission’s deadlines and work schedules for these contingent workers while monitoring their performance.

Description of challenges related to organizational design

Organizational obstacles for the day is classified into managing the issues regarding global structures and maintaining connections between the employees.

Chapter Eleven Summary by Learning Outcomes 8


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