Learning Outcomes 

Conquering my job role:

Saying no, especially to forces that are beyond control is an initial part of job. It’s also tough when you cannot do just for environmental factors and limitations. Always you expect to travel extra miles such that to impress your list of stakeholders. This list may also add up your employees along with customers.

Best managerial advice being received ever:

One vital point is to listen and then speak. To understand market around you along with customers and employees you patiently need to listen what they want to tell and craft work as per their requirements.

Dilemma of a Manager:

Two most popular online games named Shut up Kanye (published just after the MTV VMA’s) and another game named as where’s the Naughty Governor? (Being published after South Carolina’s governor Mark Sanford when admits to have affair) were being offered by the Networks Subsidiary Addicting Games.

Kate Connally being the vice president of the Addicting Games, one of the largest and free online gaming sites made especially for teens, is probably responsible for proper managing of subsidiary which was owned by MTV Networks in the year 2005.

“Connally owns a network with 1000 Flash developers who publish new games each day and with 12 games especially on Fridays”. Such developers can easily be found from Canada till India. Having established over such a huge global network it becomes easier for the company to respond easily event from overnight to the current time. This may include Kanye outburst at VMA’s and also on Governor Sanford’s disclose affairs.

Now, this genius Connally is aiming towards a major strategy transformation by bringing this online game to a brand new iPhone. Then how could an analysis of SWOT help her? As she said, “All media company needs to provide varied experience to their audiences wherever they are, and also the iPhone’s are meant to be seen where the audiences are”.

What you would do?

Significance of the best strategy can easily be spot by the accomplished Addicting Games of Kate Connally. Strategy management will be sustained to act as a vital role to improve company’s ability such that they continue to be a best site in online gaming list. This is possible only when she continues to expand her access to games. Recognizing new opportunities from the current modern new story with new format and beneficiary new formulating strategies in order to exploit opportunity, these have ultimately made here company as one of the leading one among online gaming system. One of the underlying principles of the chapter is the resulting of effective strategy to higher organizational performances.


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