Learning Outcomes

Worst part through the job:

Whenever a problem is seen arising, always I don’t have anyone present for solving it thus it falls upon my shoulder. If you are on the top of company then there would be no way out for you to pass your problems on other peoples shoulder. At this time all responsibility turns up to be your own.

Best advice for managing ever received:      

Always try to be surrounded with that category of people who has the strength and also ability different from that of yours. In fact, such people will help you fill your weaknesses gap and thus making your organization as effective as before.

Manager’s Dilemma:

Across the European companies a wide gender gap for leadership is often found. Men are seen outnumbering woman for senior positions. Despite of varied campaigns in Europe this sex gap does exist at workspace. European companies are seen tackling them at once.

As per largest telecommunication company Deutsche Telekom, more than double the companies woman are the managers having 5 years of experience. In fact, the company aims at increasing this number through all stages of organization by end of the year 2015. This has made the company rise at the index rate of DAX 30 of German Companies blue chip for increasing number of women. The chief executive of the company has also mentioned that engaging more number of the women does not means downfall of company. Rather, more number of women will help the organization become the top management position.

With this strong change of recruiting female graduates the company has to make certain changes through its policies for making workplace suitable for woman.

What you would do?

This trick by the Deutsche Telekom is praiseworthy but still the company is not at all alone in engaging this diversified ranking of management. In fact, a similar degrading through the senior leadership rate has been seen even after providing advanced degrees to woman. As per Fortune 500 the rate has been only the 3 percent for female CEO’s. For today’s group of managers it has been important to move out of those homogenous work forces list. Thus herein this chapter you will learn how to manage work forces through varied diversity.


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