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In present times, students with their multifarious activities are becoming increasingly busy in their lives. Hence, they keep coming back to for getting their projects and homework done on time.

Since, so many people are actually checking out this website, then why not promote it and earn money?

As an affiliate partner, you get paid by with every referral you make. Thus, this provides an easy way to earn quick bucks for all.

Benefits available as an affiliate member:
As an affiliate member, one gets a chance to earn this quick buck through easy means.

    • For every reference made, there is a 5% commission that is paid to the affiliate member.
    • For a person, who wants to earn quick bucks in a short time, this is a very easy method.
    • This passive income can be used for various purposes.
    • Unlike other agents, here affiliate members do not have to go from door to door explaining and convincing customers.
    • They can refer the website to them by means of links, banners, advertisements, and other special offers.
    • Since it is for the person’s own good to whom this site is referred, an affiliate can convince several people at the same time.

Quotes from affiliates:
Those who have benefitted from this program have some thoughts to share.
1. “With working is such a pleasure. Their innovative concepts, consistency and great price deals make our loyal community of students all the more thankful to them.” Kylie Joe.

2. “We consider ourselves lucky enough to be associated with their dedication in serving their group of students has become fruitful with their ratings increasing every other day in the service industry.” Susan Robbins.

Procedure to become an affiliate with
To become an affiliate of is quite an easy process. By following this procedure, one can easily become one of its members, and function as an affiliate.

1. How to register:

    • First, one needs to provide his basic information.
    • Then the person will have to provide his email-id, and other personal information which is required by the employer for making a person an affiliate.

2. Advertisement:

    • After the registration is completed, one needs to advertise it to other students so that they get convinced to join the website.
    • This advertisement can be in the form of banners or links that have been sent to them to help them understand what this website is all about.
    • The more one promotes this website and makes referrals, more are the chances of getting a high commission.

3. Payment method:

    • Once the person concerned whom you have convinced, joins the website and gets his work done, he has to pay certain nominal fees to the website.
    • Now will take that money at the month’s end and pay the commission as per order to the affiliate directly to registered PayPal Id.
    • With every referral the initial commission is paid to the affiliate.

4. Optimize:

    • In this one has to make optimal use of the technology provided to him or her and try to refer as many people as possible to this website.
    • With optimal number of referrals made, the affiliate will get maximum amount.

Affiliate of API:
When a person is finally registered into our group and made a formal affiliate, that concerned person can now request for an Application Program Interface(API).

This is a set of procedures or functions, which is used to create certain applications which help in accessing data and features of another operating system.

This program is used by every affiliate as a connecting program to help them in gaining access to the primary system of from which they can use the banners and links to promote the website and make references.

After registration is complete and one becomes an affiliate, the person can request for the API by mailing us at

General FAQs:
1. How do I get paid?
The payment is on a monthly basis. It amounts to 5% commission on every referral. As a referral is made, when the person gets his work done then he pays the fee, from where the commission is paid off.

2. What are the benefits that I will get?
As an affiliate there are a series of benefits that one can avail. This is a mode of passive income and one does not have to go door to door for making referrals and convince people. It is a completely online work and hence less time consuming.

3. Are there any legal issues?
With one can be rest assured that every little aspect in this case is completely legal. This whole process of referral, is completely legal and we are registered under the required organisations.

4. Which type of people do I have to refer?
It is very important to know exactly which category of people we have to refer, whether there is one specific sector such as students and professionals or there are other services available for which referrals have to be made.

Knowing these factors are very important to help refer this site to people.

Terms and Conditions:
You agree to the Terms and Conditions that are legally drawn up by our company once you become affiliates of this company. This is drawn up between ‘you’ and ‘My Homework Help’ to help in the functioning of the concerned affiliates as per the rules of the company.

1. Background and use of the site:
The site allows you to post any advertising banner or agenda of the company in the system. You should also post the same in your own media group and other sites for promoting it and making sure that more clients are made visible to it.

2. To be affiliates of this website one has to match certain criteria:

    • It has to be content based and not merely a whole range of advertisements or associated links.
    • It has to have a domain name of very high level.
    • The content has to be written in strong well -structured English.
    • The site has to be completely functional, with no ‘under construction’ naming.
    • There should be no incentives or any such advertisements which may promote any type of cash awards or any such contest entries or prizes.
    • Any type of pop-ups are completely prohibited in this site.

3. No infringement:

    • The content of this site should not be restricting anyone’s personal or intellectual property rights.
    • There should be no such content which defames any person or maligns any organisation.
    • There should not be any objectionable content such as racial, or ethical or content with a political colour that does not suit the motto of the website.
    • There should be no promotion of any investment or money making contents which can lead the reader to wrong direction.
    • There should be no promotion of any illegal activity within the site. It is clearly prohibited.
    • There should be no spoofing or redirections to especially pornographic websites. This is completely against the policy of the site.
    • No illegal activity will be entertained.

4. Fraud:
No fraudulent activity is allowed in this site. If the company finds any fraudulent activity then it will immediately block the website and the person concerned from any further activity in the website.

The company grants you a non-transferable and exclusive license which is to be maintained. Any participation in any activity of fraud can result in the concerned person’s termination.

No fake redirects will be allowed by our website under any circumstances.

5. Payment:
It is to be received at the month’s end directly at your registered PayPal ID. Each friend you refer, 5% amount will be credited to your PayPal ID and at the end of each month.

6. Termination:
When a person is not ready to accept our terms and conditions or has breached any of it, he will be terminated as per the company policy.

The termination letter will be provided to the affiliate via mail and will be with immediate effect.

7. Representations and Warranties:
This is to make sure that the concerned person does not get involved in any manner of illegal activity or any other fraudulent measures.

It is the onus of the affiliate to maintain the repute of the company.

8. Copyright:
This is to make sure that any part of the company’s internal activities or its media content will not be used or promoted by the concerned affiliate for personal benefit.

If the person is found guilty then he or she will be punished as per the law states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Myhomeworkhelp?

We provide you with the homework help from top experienced experts. Your satisfaction is a priority to us. Get better grades or money-back. It’s that risk-free! Furthermore, everything about you is kept confidential.

Why use Myhomeworkhelp?

We provide you with the homework help from top experienced experts. Your satisfaction is a priority to us. Get better grades or money-back. It’s that risk-free! Furthermore, everything about you is kept confidential.

How quickly can you help me with my homework?

We take pride in our 24×7 homework help services. Which means, student can approach us anytime, to get help even on short notices. As short as few hours! And yes, we provide complementary plagiarism-free report.

How can I trust you?

Myhomeworkhelp has completed over 25,000 homework help tasks over the last 8 years. But do not take our word for it! See our here and on Trustpilot. Your credit card information is not stored anywhere, and use of PayPal relies on their secure payment networks. Your identity, payment and homework help are in safe hands.

Who are your experts?

All our experts are highly qualified professionals – holding at least Master’s degree of their respective fields of expertise. We engage with experts from across the globe, to ensure learning never stops.

Is it a free-service?

No! We are provide paid service that requires a payment via a credit card, or a PayPal account. The subject-matter expert won’t work for free.

Is it a free-service?

No! We are provide paid service that requires a payment via a credit card, or a PayPal account. The subject-matter expert won’t work for free.

How costly are your homework help service?

We price our homework help at affordable costs, to provide best academic experience, without punching a hole in your pocket. To help you even further, we do accept partial payment (subject to our policy) to start working on your assignment help. You can pay the remaining amount when your task gets completed. No pressure of up-front payment.

Are you cheaper than other homework help services?

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. With cheap offers on somewebsites, you will get your job messed up, with unexperienced experts, affecting your grades. Some other websites will require a subscription on a minimum or monthly plan. With us, you pay for what you need. We take pride in our experienced expert panel who will provide premium service, at affordable price without compromising quality above all else. Satisfaction assured, or money-back. And yes, we do offer new customer discounts!

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