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MyHomeworkHelp Honor Code & Disclaimer

At MyHomeworkHelp, we’re dedicated to guiding students through their academic journey. Our mission, as committed educators, is to provide resources that augment understanding and bolster effective study habits. We deeply value the foundations of respect and honesty. We believe that for any meaningful academic interaction between a student and an expert to flourish, integrity must be at its core.

By using our services, you acknowledge and pledge to adhere to the highest standards of academic conduct. Understanding and following this Honor Code is not just essential, it’s a commitment you make to yourself and the community around you.


✅ Seek Deepened Understanding: Engage with our resources to gain a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter.

✅ Utilize for Guidance: Use our platform’s offerings to understand the requirements and criteria of specific academic tasks.

✅ Collaborate for Learning: Actively participate and oversee the assignment processes to ensure genuine understanding and academic growth.


⚠️ Misuse of Content: Avoid using our resources and/or provided solutions as a direct submission for any academic endeavour.

⚠️ Breach of Originality: Refrain from claiming any content from MyHomeworkHelp as your own finished work.

⚠️ Bypass Active Learning: Do not solely rely on our solutions without actively engaging in the learning process yourself.

No Plagiarism Policy

  • Promotion of Authenticity: MyHomeworkHelp champions originality and detests cheating. We encourage students to utilize our completed tasks/homework solutions/assignments to comprehend subjects, not to pass them off as their own finalized work.
  • Reference-Based Assistance: Our platform provides template solutions to guide students with homework or assignments. These templates aren’t meant for direct submission to educational institutions.
  • Researchers’ Commitment: Our experts are aware of their role in offering model answers and drafts, not complete final papers. They are acknowledged for their research and draft efforts alone.
  • Limitation of Accountability: The consequences of academic dishonesty are severe. Detection of such practices by educational institutions could result in severe penalties, ranging from academic probation to expulsion. Post-delivery, neither MyHomeworkHelp, its affiliates, nor any employees or third-party content contributors bear responsibility for the content’s subsequent use or for actions of individuals employing our services concerning the provided content. 

We expect you to abide by the honor code. Any user found breaching these guidelines may face restrictions or permanent bans from MyHomeworkHelp.