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4.2: The Changing Workplace 

Diverse workplace can be seen through places like an African American who becomes the chief executive of US, sitting of Latina in high court, political arena through highest levels, etc. Through the business era varied workforce diversity has been seen. Managing and recognizing the workforce era has been important for all mangers.

What is the characteristic of US population?

2010 US statics have showed that Census is most likely to go for reinforcement of increasing diversity of society with few readjustments. Most dramatic changes included:

  • Population of US in total number: The population of the project is expected to rise by 438 million that too by year of 2050 and up to 296 million that too in the year 2005.
  • Racial groups: With the change in population the components are also expected to transform as shown in exhibit 4-3.
  • Aging population: Day by day the population is aging. As per the statement of CIA World Factbook it has been clarified that population of US stands at the 36.7 years rising from 36.2 years. In the early 20th century the America was expected to be young country whereas it slowly degraded towards infant rate and mortality rate. This term aging has been the effective term for characteristic trait of US population.

The Changing Workplace 3With these it has been clear that such trends of population will definitely have impact over workforces. As per the US Bureau by the coming of 2016 the labor force would be almost 47 percent of women among which 37 percent will comprise of Black women. In fact, the average age that of employees should be 42.1 years. In this diversity changing the immigration problem should also is a factor. Today people entering this workforce system are quite young and also ethical by nature. The businesses should also reinforce such workforce within their institutions. America is considered to be a point where all people from different religions and nationalities are seen living for longer periods. No organization should allow their employees to live on same attitude. Population change should also be a part of rapid diversity changes. Most of the businesses are seen changing their diversity in the later pats of the chapter.

What is the change taking place at the Global workforce?

Some of those population trends are seen affecting global workforces significantly. As per the United Nations forecasting being made, the world would be expected to be in middle of demographical shift that would transform society and economies over the secondary period century. This can be understood from the two trends:

  • Total rate of world populations: World population when counted totally lies in 7 billion as per the year 2010. Probably this number is expected to reach up to 9 billion in the year 2050. But as per the predictions being made by United Nations this rate will get stabilized or keep on accelerating. The major reason behind this downfall was the decreased birthrates. Whereas in the developing country the birthrate remains increases. Many of such countries are need to experience demographic dividend, with increased number of workforce.
  • Aging population: The demographic trends are considered to be important for any organizational benefit. Population today is heading at unprecedented rate. The concept of global aging has yet been unknown for all. This is shown through Exhibit 4-4 and helps you get more knowledge on how well your score raises.

The Changing Workplace 4When it comes about aging property of the entire world then this turns out to be a dream of phantom. Recently world’s population will age to be 80 and this will keep on increasing by 233 percentile from the year 2008 to 2040. These trends are seen with implication of changing family scenario and shifting work patterns for the business era and also for the society. Challenges are emerging as a social entitlement, labor supplies being dwindling, and also the declination through global savings. This kind of global shifts in demographic scenes will slowly reshape workforce globally and also for the organizational workspace. Again this will demand focus of managers over the future of workplace practices.


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