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Chapter summary with Learning Outcomes:

4.1 Defining the workplaces and their diversity and finding why it is so important to manage them

Diversity of workplace isa way in which organization based people are either similar to or different from each other. Managing this form of diversity through workforce is important just for these three reasons including (1) managing the benefits of people – make proper usage of employees talents and increase their quality for solving team problems and abilities of attracting and retaining the diversified employees quality; (2) performance benefits of organization – reducing the costs, enhancing problem curing abilities, improving the system flexibilities; and lastly (3) strategically benefits – increasing the understanding those of diverse through marketplace, improving sales and marketing strategies, improving advantages with better efforts etc.

4.2 Describing the changes through workplace in United States and also across the world

Major changes through the working place in US include the increase of population in total amount and also changing the components of relational or ethical groups of population. Another vital change is global population in the total world population along with the aging for population.

4.3 Explaining about types of diversities found at the workplaces

Varied type of diversities that are found at the workplace includes gender, age, ethnicity and race, disabilities, and religion of people along with many other forms too.

4.4 Discussing the challenges being faced by the managers of managing diversity

Two main categories of challenges that managers are seen facing these days includes a personal bias and also glass ceiling issues. The term bias is mainly used for a tendency used for preference for any particular ideology. These can lead for preconceived beliefs and also a judgment that can be made towards other persons. Stereotyping is another form that is used for judging any person depending upon their perception and the group in which they belong along with discrimination. Discrimination occurs when a person is seen acting out of their own perceptions. Glass ceiling is one form of barrier that is though invisible but yet acts as a separation between women and those of the minorities from the top most management positioning,

4.5 Describing the workplace diversity based managerial initiatives

It is quite necessary for anyone to understand what the laws of federal are in case of diversity. Few of the laws would be included for title VII in the Civil Rights Act, American Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination Act, etc. The workforce diversity is the major point for providing commitments for community. An employee of any organization needs to communicate with others from same diversity.

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