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The worst part of my job

One must have to done something or certain activities to have a good control on his/her organization. Activities include such reporting reviewing sheets, managing properly, triggering invoicing and many other things.

The best management advice received ever:

There are 3 categories people in a firm: change agent, changer participant & change resister. Among them the change participant category remains the happiest the reason is they switch their own fate. The resisters are not going to be anywhere for a long period of time.

A Manager’s Dilemma

NASA’s space program after 29 years is expected to the end within 2010. During this time span we have going through highs & lows and triumphs &tragedies. A program of this reputation needs massive changes from the employees and managers. 1 change which the mangers should know how to deal is with the revitalization of the space program. This is a decision which are not they suppose to make. As this is a governmental program the decisions will be made by lawmakers. Congress desires to move on with NASA’s famous existing space program. But the problem is President thinks that will be too expensive to deal with and has flawed it completely.

Learning Outcomes 1He wants private enterprise the until NASA will develop more technological new space vehicles. Now the reputation of USA as leader in the space program exploration is at a stake. It is the only country which has sent people to moon. But there is something greater than national prides. This lose has a national security & industrial consequences.

But the most problematic decisions are faced by the NASA manger’s since they have no idea what to do with highly trained successful and skilled people, since the mangers already knows the future of this space program. How can they keep the employee’s focuses in work during the change?

What Can You Do?

This managerial challenge that is faced by the mangers during this period of crisis is not at all unique. The mangers do not know how to encourage their employees to work efficiently during this phase. Big organizations to small ones, Colleges, schools and universities, and state & city government along with the military associations are asked for being innovative. Though innovations are an important part of a manager’s post, during the recent years innovations have gone to the highest. In this chapter we will discuss the importance of innovations and what can the manager do to come up with new innovative ideas. Because innovations are closely related to a firm’s change efforts, in this chapter we will start focusing on how these changes happen and what mangers will do to co operate with the changes of the organization.


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