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Most Difficult Part of the Job:

Interpreting regulations and laws imposed by federal and state government on compliance and product manufacturing units and implementing proper application of the same into the manufacturing base worldwide.

The best advice for the management:

Your team has the best potential which you need to maximize to get the best resource.

Confusion of a manager:

In 2010 one new company named Yum Brands INC. India being a perfect country for opening new fast food chains they tried to grab the market faster. India being a nation where the improving young generation wants to get the taste of the western brands it was one of the best countries after China to have a grand business.

However, when they were spreading their business they faced the close competition with the other retail chains for foods and beverages. At the same time they also faced plenty of other difficulties. The biggest difficulty was to understand the differences among the various cultures available in India. Managing such employees with different cultural values was a big challenge. They felt the necessity to think about the corporate procedures to be mold in such a way that they can actually manage all kinds of employees in the company.

What to do in such situation?

Entering any new arena of business is a big deal and it comes up with plenty of challenges. Often most of the skillful managers of the global brands like Yum Brands INC also face difficult situations. However, they need to overcome the same so that they can spread their business worldwide even though they are facing plenty of difficulties. It will be crucial to spread the business in different countries because it gives a chance to have the profit in bigger margin than a company which only goes for the domestic business.

At the same time the managers need to keep a track on the global environmental changes because that will play a crucial part to reach global success. Managers need to control, plan and organize the team in such a way that it can bring success for the business all over the world.

Whose product?

Now in a global market it is extremely difficult to understand which product is owned by which brand of which country. You can always have a misconception of thinking that one brand is surely of USA but eventually you will find that it is completely of a different country. You can take the below quiz to understand it better.


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