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3.1: What is Your Global Perspective? 

Normally it has been seen that in the host countries the managers generally have four kinds of attitude. Those are Parochialism, ethnocentric attitude, polycentric attitude and finally the geocentric attitude. With the first kind of attitude the managers will think that whatever they are doing is right. They will not give any importance on the interest of others. They will not consider the fact that a different person can have different perspective of working and living. Now, this kind of attitude is not at all perfect for the global trade now a day.

People who believe in ethnocentric attitude will have a gut feeling that the in the foreign countries the amount of skillful people with knowledge and expertise for a particular work will not be there. They will feel that people in their home country can only take the decisions appropriately. They will not be able to keep faith on the manpower of the foreign countries. Managers who believe in polycentric attitude will take all the foreign business opportunities as different one. For them it is always difficult to understand the ways of launching and developing a new kind of trade in foreign countries. This is why they will instruct their employees to find out the ways in which the business can be done smooth over there.

On the other hand the managers who believe in geocentric attitude will keep faith on the global view. They will approach the right people. They will not think that much about the origin. For example one can take Carlos Ghosn. He was the CEO of Nissan and Renault. He was born in Brazil and completed his education in France. He knew to talk in four different languages. What he had best in himself is the power of understanding the cross culture differences. He could take the global environment far better and this is why he was so much successful. In case of modern day business this second kind of attitude will be extremely crucial to have.


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