Learning outcomes  

  • What is planning and why do we need it
  • What are the goals a company has and what plans do they make?
  • What are the different approaches to planning?
  • Modern day considerations in planning

Haiti presented a unique problem to the logistics managers of the WFP when they had to mobilize relief and rescue resources and manpower during the 2012 earthquake Due to it isolated location and the greatest damage occurring in the densely populated areas it was one of the trickiest of deployments in the career of Lou Policastro executive VP of Geod is Wilson Most resources were allocated to small aircrafts and Boeing 747s due to congestion at Port Au Prince harboring relief flights

Moreover, the incident took place on Martin Luther King holiday which cost the relief workers up to four days to amass the necessary resources and ship them out to the carriers Aid efforts require constant planning and complex situations involving the disposal of the dead care taking of the survivors all in a geologically fragile environment How would you direct your company’s resources if you were the manager What plans are to be made to ensure aid and relief to victims and survivors

What would you do?

Every premeditated action requires formulation of a plan it has become such an integral part of all our lives that we plan without realizing or categorizing it whether it is to make study plans for upcoming exams or going out on a date or figuring out how to spend your day off everything requires planning.

Plans can be simple and minimal such as what to have for dinner or complex and manifold like how to tackle the ISIS When it comes to effective management customer satisfaction is the top priority. It is ill advised to cut corners and diminish product standards for better revenues. For example if you are manager of a valet parking service you need to constantly plan on effective space management and solving tricky parking situations keeping in mind the legislations of the neighborhoods you’re in.

For any kind of successful implementation of a decision a manager has to rely on his coworkers for guidance support and feedback Any plan can be made if there are enough brains being applied to it You cannot cheat on your service Focusing on other activities is also equally to refresh and rejuvenate so that a manager can effectively tackle problems.


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