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Greetings! I'm Anete Jansone, an expert in management and essay writing from Latvia. I'm here on My Homework Help because I genuinely enjoy assisting students like you in their academic pursuits. Whether it's mastering those tricky management principles or crafting captivating essays 📝, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. I've had the pleasure of supporting many students throughout my journey since 2020, and seeing their growth and success brings me so much joy.

When I'm not immersed in academia, you'll find me exploring Latvian literature, snapping photos of the great outdoors, or finding my zen through yoga. Let's conquer your homework together and make learning an enjoyable adventure 🙂!

Education Background

🎓 Master's Degree: Specialization in Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Sussex.

🎓 Bachelor's Degree: Management from the University of Latvia.


Master's Degree


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academic-writing business-management writing-services  

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  • 05 Jul 2023

    The customer provided a positive review based on the following reasons:
    ✅ Proven expertise in the field
    ✅ Timely completion of milestones
    ✅ Effective collaboration and teamwork

    User: 19657
  • 03 Jul 2023

    The customer provided a review based on their experience with the following aspects:
    ✅ Good understanding of the project requirements
    ✅ Effective problem-solving skills
    ❌ Formatting errors in the final deliverable

    User: 87469
  • 01 Jul 2023

    Anete J did an amazing job. The work is excellent and delivered on time. Highly recommended.

    User: 44214
  • 06 Jun 2023

    Thanks for helping at short notice.

    User: 52121
  • 17 May 2023

    Anete J is an excellent writer who goes above and beyond. The work is perfect, delivered faster than expected, and follows all instructions.

  • 10 May 2023

    The customer provided a positive review based on the following reasons:
    ✅ Diligent and comprehensive research
    ✅ Thoughtful and well-organized content
    ✅ Respectful and responsive communication

    User: 21610
  • 14 Apr 2023

    The customer provided a mixed review based on the following reasons:
    ✅ Excellent problem-solving skills
    ✅ Thorough research
    ❌ Some delays in communication

    User: 39537
  • 10 Apr 2023

    Exceptional guidance! Thanks

  • 10 Mar 2023

    Top-notch assistance! Thank you

  • 22 Feb 2023

    The customer provided a positive review based on the following reasons:
    ✅ Prompt and helpful responses to inquiries
    ✅ Transparent and effective communication
    ✅ Adherence to guidelines and instructions

    User: 30929