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Ethics in Dilemma:

In the year 2009 a campaign for the McDonald’s website has been launched that slowly began spreading across. Slowly the anger ahs started growing just because of the news made by commentators. Thus this has eventually targeted the Asian Community. Few of them considered if these idea seemed profitable but still it has come from manipulative view. Check out the sites whether they are manipulative or not?

Skills Exercise:

Developing for values diversity:

Understanding the people who is similar to you and managing them often becomes tough. But on other hand managing different people is somewhat more challenging. Diversity issues may be many that usually managers face. Here few steps are included for practicing the skills.

Steps for practicing the varied skills:

  1. Accept the diversity fully: Successful acceptance of diversity occurs when each individual accepts the principles accurately for diversity. It is important for accepting the reflection.
  2. Recruit in a broader manner: Whenever there is any kind of job opening try working for diverse pool of applicant.
  3. Selection should be made fairly: It is vital for you is to probably make it sure that selection procedure throughout doesn’t end up at the level of discrimination. The best way is to make usage of job specific test rather than those aptitude tests.
  4. For the diversity of employees provide orientation along with training: For any type of diversified employee transition plays a very crucial role and thus requires support as a mentor.
  5. Sensitive and no diverse employees: It is not only important for you to value all your diversities in fact, it becomes important for your manager too to encourage all employees.
  6. Flexible: Value people with different type of needs and flexibility.
  7. Motivate individual: Try to motivate employees with managerial skills for diverse fields.
  8. Reinforce the difference between employees: Try encouraging individual for valuing their diversity and the views.

Practicing the skills:

Read what the scenario says and then make a note of all. Also be clear and sure to describe about the valuing diversities that too in 8 behavioral points.


Read about description of employees and after this write short paragraphs about their goals. Try showing their issues with managers and how to deal with this. Firstly,

Lester: A 57 years old college graduate, the vice president. How would he volunteer his family and work together.

Sanjyot: Being 30 years old and a clerk worker in US, how would Sanjyot manage evening classes and work?

Yuri: A 42 years old man, who would he maintain his family and work with by managing the expenses.

Working together:

Collect resources and make team for researching about them then discuss the topics with your friends. Write about benefits and the challenges being faced with better employee resource collection. Be ready to present this report to your professor.

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