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Diversity Initiatives 

Marriott International has been a renowned company for the definition of diversity. Bill Marriott has been the CEO of the company who looks after the external as well as internal working of company. He himself signs the bonus of his employees about the efforts of diversities. In fact, other than this company also provides mandatory training programs for its employees upon diversity with varied input of employees. This managerial source of diversity has made the company reach on top at 4th spot.

Legal aspects of those work diversities:

Can a workplace rise to top level without legal existence of federal legislation along with other mandates? Though this question would turn out to be interesting but it is a fact that the federal laws are contributing towards changes being made over the past 50 years. This is explained well through Exhibit 4-8 with equal opportunity for employment. Managing the workforce diversity is more of understanding along with complying the laws of federal. An organization that is of great at managing diversities is running successfully.

Diversity Initiatives 8Management commitments made for diversities:

Today it has been found that marketplaces are under heavy competition with varied workplace diversity. In fact, it has also been important for all to make the diversity as the integral parts of all organizations. These inclusion and diversity strategy plays a central type role for decision making process in the highest leaderships.

The first attempt that needs to be done is take care that diversities and inclusions are both equal part of organization goals. In fact other than this during economic challenging phases organizations are required to be an integral part of the business. Diversity should be added to all aspects of business.


You might have found few women’s working in the top of leadership within any organization. Have you ever felt the consequences that organization possesses through? Thus in such cases the mentoring helps the organization reach heights. Mentoring is one kind of process in which an experienced person from any organization will provide advices and guide lower members with career developing ideas and tricks. Andrea Jung the CEO of Avon company has been able to hold the position of female orientation within the organization. However one strong belief that goes round among men is the strong fairness sense within women as a champion quality.

A perfect mentoring is successful only when diversity among employees is motivated with high support in order to allow them move ahead within organization. This is well seen from the Exhibit 4-9. If any organization is seen being serious about their commitment towards diversity then they need proper mentoring programs to be followed.

Diversity skills through training:

These days a common thing has been found within human DNA and this is for discriminating. In fact, this behavior is considered to be normal for all humans. But having such statement being mentioned within this chapter about diversity is somewhat doubtful. Human natures are basically not accepting things that are different them. This brings the discrimination concept to be acceptable. Thus the major challenges for the organizations are to find ways that could help them recreate ways for dealing with such beliefs. This is where the concept of diversity skill training lies in. This is equally important for people who live in diverse place of working.

Most of such programs start often with the diversity awareness training programs. With such programs often the employees are frequently made aware of those assumptions that can be made and also for the biases. Once it has been found that sensitivity increases simultaneously they open up. Though this might sound easy but trust it this is not so easy. Next step that plays a crucial role is diversity through skills training that will help people learn well how to make communication with others and have specific skills. Employee training for diversity has been important for people at Sodexho meal coupons with the managerial programs.

Employee’s resource groupings:

The company named as Kellogg has been famous for its rich workplace diversities. More than almost 100 years ago this company has provided women to be the top of the company. This diversity based commitment is continuing still today. There is probably no doubt from where this success is coming from. In fact, this is the result of varied backgrounds, ideas, viewpoints, and experiences which are mostly contributed by the working people of this organization. This Kellogg’s company has been great at employee resource groupings that have brought in employees from different groups and religions together. Probably existences of such groups are done from within the organization and not from others sources.

This has been quite popular but why? The ultimate reason behind this has been diversified group of opportunities for the existence of people from within and apart from the groups. Often some individuals are seen finding for opportunities within organizations. Thus the employee resource team will help employees express their feelings and help the individuals to raise their voices. As per the definition being presented by the WOW the company has been able to dedicate their employees with personal as well as interpersonal growth. The employees work all together for sharing their common beliefs, experiences, needs etc within organization. A statement being made about those of other group is also similar while describing the empowerment, fostering and leveraging etc.


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