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Case 2 Application: Faded Signal

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Faded Signal 

Being one of the biggest companies for manufacturing the series of mobile phones Nokia has been holding top 30 percentage of the market sharing. But over the period of years the Nokia phone shave lost their market value by 35 percent. But by June 2009 the shares has already been degraded to 7 percent. Then what is the company doing?

This is known that mobile phones make usage of skyrocketed Nokia turned out to be more popular device. That time this turns out to be the coolest phone which everyone made usage of either for work or for schools purpose. But after 2005 the n series of Nokia has lined up the browser series with its impactful images, videos, etc. This made them reach the top of this race. After this short forecast of Nokia came the new phone Apple and iPhone being even cooler than the earlier brand. But their software used to be tough to handle. But being cool in looks customers bought them. But over time the Nokia executive had dispersed this phone due to unimpressive work of the phone.

Now after 2007 Apple has been raised with greater profits and as an alternative of Nokia. But they did not produce phones that sued to have flip or touch screens. Another major blunder was that this model was from Europe and started using GSM whereas the US phones made use of CDMA format. Once it has been said by executives that Nokia did not want to touch the heights of US markets after its success. This was a real mistake and they have to recover from this. This was an attitude as per the North American Markets. The arrogant attitude of the company has made them reach such dropping economic downfall.

In this mid Nokia has set up their office at Atlanta, Seattle, Parsippany, and also at Dallas, New Jersey city too. These were the place where most of top America markets were set. For instance, AT&T has made the bill for their customers who are using Nokia. In fact, Nokia has been forged to deal with company like Qualcomm. Qualcomm has been one of the largest dealers for mobile phones. They even made a deal of producing Microsoft phones. But some of the industry people turned out to be non-impressive. One of the analysts has claimed that it gets tough to understand the market of US. Mark Louison the president of Nokia from unit of North America has a seat in Nokia’s management board. He also stated that in the past year they had been engaged through one size fitting mentality for global basis of the markets. The former strategies of the markets are not working well through the North America. They had also begun laying the ground work for longer duration. Louison also mentioned that everything that you are seeing is build all with broad set capability and broad mind for US markets.

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