Tools for the Techniques Module 

Managers working for the baseball team has made front office for discovery of factors that could dictate over charging tickets for match could be done or not. Mainly the reports of weather and winning streaks play a major factor for this. Apart from this the pitching match ups are also necessary. The team from San Francisco Giants had been able to be the Major League of baseball teams and try their ride for varied shift and reprising those tickets. This is done with a new technique known as dynamic pricing. Does it work well? In the year 2009 These Giants were able to make earnings of $500000 as revenue from the technique of dynamic pricing. In the year of 2010 the revenue has increased to 6 percentages.

This example shows well about how the manager uses the planning tools for their organizational efficiency and effective usage. Here in this category of module three basic things will be focused on more that is techniques that will assess the environment, allocating resources techniques, and planning based techniques for the contemporary.


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