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Worst Piece of the JOB:

Something that can be changed with their work is the way of managing the relationships. But due to the size, the territory being provided, it gets difficult to find professionals from dental field on continuous basis. It often becomes difficult of building up a level of trust and relaxation as per being advised by me. With each passing day it has been estimated by me that I can find some way out for better encouraging the client relationship. For a long period success this will surely work out.

Best advice for management that can be followed:

It has been a fact that whether you are strongest but yet you will be weak. The same is true for organization. If you or else your organizations are too successful but irregularity through strength of organization might disturb your success. Thus for better development strength plays a crucial role through. In case, if any particular employee from your organization is failing to learn something new or fulfill your needs with inadequate level of training then definitely this will take you towards rising of problems and failing of organization. Thus with respect to this, each individual as well as organization must seek improvements on a regular period over the week points in order to achieve success profitably.

What is the dilemma of a manager?

The only description that we were aware of tweet was the sound made by birds. But these days all are aware of what does this term describes. People know well that the Twitter is one such online service that is being used over and over again by millions of internet users. The main reason behind usage is to transmit short writer messages with 140 characters else it could even be low via the use of web services, cellular devices and also with other devices. As per the founder, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, Twitter is about many things including: message service, a better customer tool for reaching out the end user customer, real time based search engine, and also meant for micro blogging. With the cited million users list it is quite clear how effectively Twitter has been widely used and also popular.

Managers and Communication 9Best example is the college sports where twitter has been enormously running. For example, the head footballer from Louisiana State University, Les Miles is found calling himself as a famous twittering guy. He is quite good at understanding the power of what is called communication. When it comes about informing and making your fans aware then this man cannot afford to be in the last row than others. He often says, “Twittering is giving us opportunity of sharing number of information to people who are subscribed to them. In fact it also gets better for recruiting people who has also subscribed them.” In the year of 2009 he was found twittering before start and after end of game and also at the half time hour. But the most challenging aspect is the controlling of flowing information.

What would you prefer to do?

You are most welcome to this new era of communication where the managers can easily find out the importance along with drawbacks of communication. A communication being established in between the managers and their employees is of huge importance as this will lead to sharing of necessary information’s for betterment of organization. Thus it is clear here that communications are successful only with best manager’s performance.


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