The Nature and Function of Communication

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Definition and Functionality of Communication 

In a recent day, employee of Chevrolet at the headquarters of General Moors Detroit has met with one internal request that cited that everyone should stop the use of short term “Chevy” in accordance of cars brand referral. Whatever is the fact regarding the term Chevy whether they are used for the bestselling brand of cars nickname, or else was used within a song based on Miss American Pei driving for the levee. This memo was being signed by the two most important aspects of Chevrolet divisional executives for a better flow through brands name. As soon as the memo has attained great response from media soon GM has backtracked. In fact this also showed an interview on YouTube that has been signed by one executive from Chevrolet. Here in this video the term Chevy has been sued almost six times by the executive. This was not it, the executive also called this memo as rough draft along with a form of fun. As per him there won’t be any kind of changes seen through the memo. Overall with this example it gets important for you to learn what role communication plays for managers.

But somewhere this importance of communication cannot be focused more because: a manager’s work is done all with simple communication. This is not just about a single work but for their entire work. For making any type of decision information plays a vital role in case of managers. Communication may take place once again after taking any type of decision. If you do not obey the rule then no one would be able to learn about it. It is simple no job designing could be done without the help of communication.

What do you mean by communication?

A Communication is nothing less than transferring and to understand the meaning. It gets necessary to put importance over the transferring of meaning. Now what meaning is mentioned here? Without information conveying messages won’t be possible. Suppose if a speaker is not being heard or a writer’s work is not read. But it is a fact that communication is all about understanding. For any perfect establishment of communication a better understanding and imparting of meaning is definitely required. Similarly, suppose a letter is written in the Spanish but is not translated for a person that is not familiar with Spanish. Here it is clear that they won’t be able to communicate. A perfect idea of communication is one where both end user can understand and transmit their message accurately.

Another best point is that often communication is defined to be an agreement with a message when the message is not understood clearly. If in case anyone doesn’t agrees then definitely they did not understand anything about the concept. In fact often people are seen defining communication as a medium of understanding others views. Here I can say clearly that I understood your example but not agreeing upon those words.

Here both interpersonal and organizational communications are emphasized on while talking about communication. Both of these types plays equal role for managers.

What are the functionalities of communication?

Chairman of board, president and also the CEO of Xerox, Kevin M Warren was awarded EXCEL award in 2010 that too by International Association of Business Communications. Such award has been made for leaders who are great at communication and also capable of contributing towards development and supporting the organization for communication. The nominations stated that Kevin was an advocate for those of the communication from initial stage. In fact, Kevin was also a biggest supporter. This means that Kevin is aware of communication requirement through the business for better success. Positive side was commitment towards work by Kevin for better reaching of employees.

Through the company Xerox, communication has to serve four basic needs, control, emotions, motivation and information’s. All these functionalities play equal role.

It is well known that communication is well acquainted in controlling the behavior of employees in many ways. As seen in Chapter 10, any organization possesses to have hierarchies and authorities with formal type guidelines which every employee should follow. For certain example, when any employee has been asked for communication with their manager regarding the job grievances, follow the described job, or else move as per the job policies, the communication is single handedly used for controlling them. Whenever you are finding a group teasing their member who is found ignoring the working norms but still is working hard, then never doubt them as they are trying to control the behavior of member.

Thus the next step for communication that can be followed for motivating the employees what needs be done and how well can it be done, what things needs to be done for better performance when its going beyond the expectation. Communication is instantly required for employees who set a unique goal, and also receive feedbacks for those works.

It has also been found that working group is all primary for social interaction for any employee. A communication is best for sharing the feelings within employees for getting rid of frustrations and feels satisfied. Here it is clear that communication plays a crucial role for releasing the emotional feelings.

Finally, for any work to be done smoothly within organization employees are required with information. This can only be achieved through communication.


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