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Learning Outcomes

Worst side of the job: A good manager must have the ability to pick-up the best workable workers for the organization and he or she also must be capable to understand the strength as well as weak points of the workers in the organization and take priority to implement further task to give the organization most value.

Best Management Advice ever received:

There are there remember able points:

  • You have to understand the place of your organization where value is being made and how you can lead he employs or division to incorporate with the value. All managers have to make sure that every employee of the organization is following the value added tasks perfectly.
  • As a manager you must lead the organization for inside and outside department both.
  • You never hurriedly take the responsibility of manager. You always remember that the task of manager is not so easy. Before taking the responsibility of Manager, you should learn thoroughly what jobs are involved with the post of Manager. You must understand when you are ready for the post.

A Manager’s Dilemma:

The employees of Hyundai Heavy Industry have the capability to produce maximum thirty ships at a time. They use millions of tiny, small and large parts to build the ship. This Hyundai Company is a large company and it has been constructed on a too large place on the bank of sea so that it accommodates all big parts of the ship. Hwang See-young is the chief information officer of this company know very well  that real-time data is very crucial for the enhancement of production efficiency. But there is a real solution of it. Through the high speed wireless networking employees of the organization can be able to access the system at anytime from anywhere. They need a perfect network connected computer for this accessing. The best managers have implemented an advanced technology through which the created data move around the shipyard territory at about four megabits per second.

Managing Operations 1The high effective radio sensors usually track this movement of data from fabrication Shop to the inactive dock and then a complete ship is constructed. The workers of ship can access the plans utilizing the network note book or manual phones. They can also able to communicate multi-way video conference with the ship manufacturers sitting in the office far away from the spot. They expect a right communication system through remote control which will helpful to communicate all members of ship inside and outside and even underground of sea level.  Presently Hyundai Heavy Industries have decided to implement the advanced technology in the other divisions of the organization to obtain great success which is discussed below:

What would you do?

As per the view of Hyundai, the largest ships maker of the world, new and advanced technology definitely will be helpful to reduce the cost of production as well as strengthen production and these should be essential deliberation in present market. Basically the buyers do not think about the process of production that they are buying or going to use. But as a buyer if you think the total process of producing a necessary commodity then you will find at what a vast job and contribution of several persons from top level to lower level of the organization is involved with the process of manufacturing. Nowadays every company is very busy to implement new and advanced technology to grow more products or hike the quality as well as grade of service so that buyers or users can get more facilities and attract to their products or services in the present tough and competitive business environment.


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