What Is Value Chain Management and Why Is It Important?

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What the Value Chain Management is described and why it is important? 

The present age is internet based. Now you can buy any commodity at anytime from anywhere through internet. If you want to purchase a laptop to present your friends in his or her birthday party, you can do it instantly. Just logon to website of Dell, choose your favorite item and then click the button ‘Buy Now’. You can pay the cost of your buying machine using your credit card or debit card or any other online payment options. Your dream laptop will be transported to your home. You check-up the configuration of the machine to make sure that you have got the exact machine you have ordered or billed for, set-up the same and start using. You may consider the business strategy of the company Siemens AG who has anaccounted Tomography manufacturing Unit in Forchheim, Germany.

This company has established their partnership business with more or less thirty suppliers. These distributors are agre3e to take partnership in the truest as per the agreement as they contribute the liabilities with the factory for the total processing performance. Siemens has been allowed by this system to dismiss total record warehousing and has aerodynamic several items changes the agreement from eighteen to one. The purchase orders of electronic goods at the Timken Factory in Canton, Ohio are placed throughout the street nearby Provider City where lots of important suppliers have established their shops. If you want to submit your order for your needed commodities then you can do it by milliseconds and expensing below 50 cents for every purchase order.

The planning of how-held tools in incorporate a glue gun by the company Black & Decker succeeded to utilize this technique. These examples teach the people about closely included work performance among several performers. If you ask how it is possible, you have to go through properly the concept of Value Chain Management. The ideas of the value chain management has switched to the strategic of operation management and the organizations have succeeded to modify themselves into models of competence and implementing fruitful strategy to develop the growth of business, take leading part to rule the business in the present competitive market.

What the Value Chain Management is referred?

If a company wants to survive and run their business successfully then they will surely need the customers. More the customers they have more the development and prosper them will gain. Not only for profitable organizations, but also for non-profitable organization must need customers those who utilize it services as well as purchase its items. Clients need to get some kind of value among the commodities or services that they buy or utilize. Generally the client determines the value of products that they buy or use. Organizations have to supply that value to create more attention to their products or service. Value is actually defined in respect of activity characteristics, attributes, features along with further aspects of products and services against which clients are intending to invest resources i.e., money. For instance it can be mentioned that if you want to purchase modern CD of Rihanna by their discounted sell or a stylish couple of Australian Sheepskin made boot through internet at Zappos or any other products at the drive-out spot on the campus or if you want to go for stylish haircut from a locally available hair salon, then you have to exchange or provide money against the value that you require or want for these items including services.

There are other more and more examples like providing the pleasant music at your spare time, warming your home and providing comfort in winter season, arrangement of lunch and dinner in hotel or finding out skilled groomed for your next interview.

Goal of value chain management:

A question may be raised – who is most important in the value chain. The suppliers, the manufacturers or the distributors because all of them are involved with the value chain management and perform individual’s job to run the system properly and effectively. As the suppliers supply the materials and resources, they have the power to determine the quality as well as price. The manufacturers have also the power to dictate the price because they assemble the resources into the useful materials or services. The distributors also play a vital role because they reach the products to the front door of the customers. You will be surprised to know that none of these have the power to dictate the quality and price. Consumers are the ultimate ones who have the power for this. The customers   can only classify what value will be and who this value is created as well as provided.

The managers should try to understand and find that prime combination that provides customers need and solve their problems efficiently and confidently with an easy and quick manner using the value chain management. Keeping all of these points the value chain management must make an effective value chain policy that can be able to meets all needs of customers and satisfy all the associates of the chain. A proper value chain includes a series of participants and a team spirit so that they can perform their individual works properly and perfectly communicating each other.

A good value chain also provides the latest technology, modern and advanced instruments, more accurate knowledge, the way of quickest assembly, instance customers’ response and they meet the demand of customers as early as possible. The better the communication among different chain applicants, the enhanced the client solutions will be possible. Each and every participant will be benefitted only when value is made for clients and their all needs will be fulfilled. Actually the experience of the company is also mostly involved with the value chain management and this experience is very much needed to improve the company’s growth and conjugate the customers with the company with an effective and profitable way.

The Benefits that you can may from Value Chain Management:

A perfect value chain policy needs sufficient investments as and when required, supply of other necessary resources, energy and also a real commitment by the entire chain partners coordinating with both external as well as internal partners of the organization. Now the question is why managers choose this to apply value chain management and to fulfill the demands of customers. By a study of manufacturers it has been observed that there are for primary benefits that a value chain management can be provided which are developed procurement, betterment logistics, increased client order management and enhanced product development.


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