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The worst part of my Job

Balancing the priorities is a great task. Many urgent tasks needs time everyday where as many of them are urgent task but are not that important but still i have to waste time on them, thereby hold me back from doing works that are fruitful and more important and productive.

The best management advice ever

As a 2nd lieutenant in army, I have seen my commanding general to be promoted to ranks from inside source. He knew how to work with a team together and motivate them to perform to the highest. All I have learnt from him is that to treat everyone with due respect and as you wanted to be treated if you were in his place. If we give respect and honour to every team member the total efficiency of the team will increase. If you treat them badly, everyone has to suffer. I use this advice in every situation of my life.

Quiet often I have seen young new prideful mangers behaving rudely with the team member and thinking former peers to be inferior. Such managers are never going to become a true manager and gain respect.

A Manager’s Dilemma

Though every company does not have a true leader officer but Accenture has a person named Adrian Lajtha who is the true leader here. Now what is the task of a true leader officer?  Being the world’s largest consulting company Accentuate needs to train its leader with skills to manage and co operates with every situation.  Lajtha has made that happen.

He has 4 chief responsibilities: 1) succession planning and leadership development. 2) Thinking on the future of the organisation & company’s culture, people and leadership. 3) Diversity and inclusion programs 4) corporate citizenship.

The growth of the Accenture is seen in the spreading of the company in India and China with leaders from those particular companies. The company has also launched programs in such countries & in Russia, Korea and Mexico for identifying those leaders who are going to be the future leader in the next coming 5 years. This type of programs needs intense trusts between employees and leaders. How will Lajtha manage to gain such trust?

What Would You Do?

Lajtha is one of the greatest examples about what is needed to be done to strengthen the leadership within an organisation. In his programs the potential of members is smartly identified. Culture and environment of trust is required to change the potential in reality. The leadership here is so efficient that it has given the company take position no 5 on the top 20 list of Companies for Best Leadership. As because it is the leaders who make everything happens.


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