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What is meant by Leadership? Who are Leaders? 

Let’s start with knowing who is a leader & what is leadership? The definition of a true leader is someone who has the ability to work with employees manages every situation & influences other employees to work accordingly. Leadership is the work done by leaders. It is a process through which groups are leaded to a particular direction and influence the group to achieve certain goals.

Is every manager leader? As leading is 1 of 4 management functions so on that basis every manager should be a leader. So we are studying leaders on the managerial side or prospective. Though we are studying on leaders on the basis of managerial perspective, but there is also a leader who emerges from the group but they are not managers actually. Though the leaders who emerges from a group but are not managers but yet have leadership quality to influence employees they are not much researched about. In this Chapter we are not going to include them as manager’s leader. Here we will discuss about only leadership from managerial side.

Leadership and leaders have been researched quiet times as they are the source of motivation in an organisation. Most researches are based on what is an effective leadership and what leaders can do to within an organisation. In this chapter we will see some previous leadership stories to understand the above topic.


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