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Worst part of a managerial job

A manager is one of the important parts of the organisation. Sometimes it becomes really hard to influence the workers for more. Trying to push them beyond the limit so that the ‘tomorrow’ becomes better for them and the company becomes hard in some cases. The barrier of culture and communication is important factor to overcome and here a manger feels the pressure time to time.

Best advice ever given

In the last days you will come across a fact that the stress you have taken and the pressures you have ever felt are not worthy of all the matters. It is important to enjoy the life and giving time to the family. Need to remember that the life is too short and there no time for you to stick to some loss that you have made in your career. Just forget it and enjoy the life which you have because you live only once.

The dilemmas of a manger

It is a very tragic incident. In the 2010 Winter Olympics a practice run of a luger caused death of a person. It is a tragic thing which must not been happened. There are few cases which were estimated and with a warm hearted good bye people pay tribute to the person. Where the problem happened? The committee of FIL inspected and they found that the 16th turn of the track where the fault happened the truck was 13% faster than the estimated limit. It is really bad for anyone. The IOC president said that the charges must be shared with the committee of the FIL and Vancouver Organizing Committee. They were responsible for the design. The walls made before the accident and they are holding the charges of any kind of accidents that occur due to constructional fault.

Introduction to Controlling 1Your duty

It is really bad that a tragic incident happened in the field. The role of a manager is to go for what is there. A manager is responsible for everything that happened. The fact is there must be more concentration and the risk factors must have been judged in a through manner to get rid of the situation. This is applicable in all the companies were a single mistake can cause big problem to them. There must not be any performance gaps because it is one of the most vital sections and sometimes many things depend on it.


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