Controlling Process of Organizational Performance 

If you want to know about the performance of the organization then you have to know about some of the things and some of them are cost efficiency, the time taken to give the answer to the customer, and the last but most important thing is customer satisfaction. In a call centre it is seen that the manager is responsible for all kind of problems that occur. It is really important to go through the problem first and then take further decisions. The manager is responsible for everything that is happening in the organisation and hence it is important to take decisions which can give the manager a better result in the customer satisfaction section.

Organisational performance

It needs to be known that by the word performance what comes in your mind first. If you are thinking about a rock concert, or a sports man or a company’s employee’s performance then you are going through a right path. There is importance of performance maintaining in all the cases. Just make sure that if you are here in the world of competition then you need to have a good kind of performance and you need to know what the people want. Only then you will see a good popularity of yours. For a good performance you need a good kind of practice. If you are practicing well then you will see a good growth in the end. The performance is really important for you. It will determine the position of yours in the company and hence it is one of the most important criteria where you need to focus on.

As a manager if you are ready to serve a company then you need to know about eh managerial work first. The way you are going to handle the mediocre performance is really important for you. This is going to determine whether you are a good manager or a bad one. A company cannot be run by one single person. It is a group of people who are involved in it and they will give you the anticipated result. That is why team work is really important to achieve high level of performance.

Included measures in this

In a sports team there are need of great performers. It is important for you to know about what is going on. If you are with the old standards which used to give the non important values then you will stumble in the future and you will cost a good amount of money. In some cases new standards which are included has given great outcomes to the team especially in getting good results in the field. This is important and you can say that it is one of the most important things for you to go for.The managerial skill will be found in this kind of measures and in that way you will find the best thing for a team and the company which is giving the expenses.

Thesis important to know which of the measures to be checked before taking the decisions and in return the company will see a growth in effectiveness and productivity of the company.


The productivity of the organization is really important factor. If you are happy with the production then it is fine but you need to take care of it and you should regulate the things. If you are interested in producing more or providing better service to the masses then you should have the list of their wants. If the productivity is good then it is really a benefit for you but in some cases you may find some flaws. In those cases you have to raise the price of the output and then you will see a good growth in the end. But you cannot raise the value of the goods to high. In that case only one thing can be done and that is reducing the value of the input. In this cyclic process you will achieve a state where the production rate will be increased and you will get to know the demands of the people. This is important for a good kind of growth and there will be no problem for your end.There is a simple and basic formula to take as granted and that is- selling price X number of sold. If this is perfect then you may not see any kind of troubles in the production part.


It is important for you to have and if you have this quality then there is not a single goal which cannot be achieved. There are many options for you as a manager to go through but you need to go for the one which is easily affordable. If the effectiveness is okay then you will find a goal being easy to achieve. This is the guide line for the manager and it will say whether a change is necessary or not.


If you are egger to know about your performance then you have to have some rankings. It is a great factor for you to consider on. There is a great possibility of seeing a growth if you are in the list of global index. If you are in a list then you can say that you are already doing well and by decreasing the number you will be on the top chart among the others. It is really easy for you if you work hard from your side. It is really good if you get your name in the Fortune’s list of the popular companies.

Controlling Process of Organizational Performance 8These rankings are essential to know how much development you need to do in your company. This is a good way to show the others that you are in the market as well.


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