Contemporary Issues in Control

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Contemporary Issues in the Process of Controlling 

There are many things you should consider in the process of controlling and one of them is the cross cultural difference. Some others may be present to but in cases like the big giants there are many factors which are needed to be thought of before you are investing. Possibilities are high that if you don’t invest with proper judging then you will definitely get caught in the act. It is one of the major decisions you need to take. Just make yourself sure that the thing you are doing is absolutely authentic. In a company if the bill of the expenses are being paid in millions then there is some kind of lacking in the communication section. Just make it correct and then see the difference.

Solving the cross cultural differences

In the big companies you will find this kind of issues and it is totally relevant to the problem and if you think that it is unsolvable then you are not right. It can be easily solved. There is nothing a man can do if he wants. Distance is a big matter in these cases and if you think that it is important to know why to be controlled by the home office then you need to go to the primary school of managements. The results are awesome in the companies which has a good control on the people who are working in a different state. The managers feel free to do what they want and it is not good. Just go for the office rules and control the activities and then you will find it really well for any kind of people. The environment is essential for you. If that thing is being altered then you will be hampered and the work of yours will be hampered.

Technical evolution is a great factor to deal on. If there is a country which has good technological support is being compared to the less evolved one then the company which has a good one in their side will definitely rule the market. There are many cases which are believed to be an example. If you set a biometry than standard office attendance then the chances of error will be decreased. It is just a small example. The computer work is better and flawless than the manual and hence it is becoming more trusted.

There are many countries which are keeping the managers in shackle. The rules of them often say that you cannot bring people from outside and the result is not good in those cases. If you are able to do what you want then for the betterment of the company it is important to do so.

The difference mainly occurs due to the different kind of opportunities in the society. If you think that it is the same in all the cases then you are wrong. Just for an example a UK company can use more labours in the job than the American counterpart but it is impossible to say which an effective one is. The production process of them is different.

Commencement in the working places

Productivity is hampered whenever a big event comes in play. If you want to take an example take the world cup event. It is going to be therefore at least two months and this is a big reason of downward movement of the productivity.

A manager’s job is to see whether everything is running normally or not. If you think that it is like the same one then you are correct. A manager is responsible for controlling the good workers office work and also responsible for bad workers success in harming the system and the company. This is all in his or her hand so a manager must be careful every time.


Do you really think that it is one of the best ways to find out peace form your daily life to go to n office? Do you really think that the privacy is present there? The answer is not all the time. Yes, it is seen that in some companies the workers are constantly being noticed by the managers and they do all they want to do like checking the mails (personal ones too), checking your daily schedule, what you are doing in the off time, follow you to the dressing room, bathroom, in the office vehicle and where ever is possible. It is really the best way to get an idea about the person whom you are hiring. It is not good for you but for the benefit of the company it is important to be done. This is usual and not an uncommon thing in the world of this. So be more cautious.

There are many websites which gives great things which can hamper the work of the people. The office employee can waste time there and it is the reason why people monitor everything. The percentage of getting fired is high due to this reason. The problem is not only wasting time but also a cost paying of huge amount by the company which is totally unworthy for everyone.This is unacceptable for any company and hence controlling is really important. Have faith that you are going to have a good time in the office and do your work with more efficiency. This is going to be a good step towards your career.

There are many reasons why the people want to monitor everything under them and it is due to the possibility of racial discrimination. Just think that a bad or morphed picture is trending on the network and you are getting it in your screen. This will hamper the time and working motivation of yours. That is why a manager feels free to monitor every step of yours.

There is a pact between the company and you and that is based on the trust. You should not break it. Managers think that the people who are here in this job are leaking he information and these kinds of incidents happen too. Just for the safety, it is checked all the time that who is doing what. It is for the safety and nothing else. Money is everything for some people and in some cases people get the good bribe to sell the loyalty.

Theft in the organisation

It is really bad ting and companies are getting hampered with it. There are many companies which are trading online and they face the problem. In the average rate it is seen that the organisation face the problem not by the outsiders but by the employee of them. There are possibilities that some of the cases the employee might not get caught but in some cases people are caught with huge amounts. In those cases termination is the solution and if that happens then the organisation face lack of people problem and in the end the company gets hampered with lack of employee. This kind of mentality cannot be trusted and necessary steps must be taken.

The retail business is the most vulnerable to the problem and for that reason you need to be more cautious. Just to have a good kind of idea about the problem you need to do a bit study. If these types of people are in your company then you will be facing the problem. According to the average generally $4600 is being stolen every year per worker. The potential problem must be taken care of and you will be in need of a proper guidance. In these cases the manger must be strict and that will be the proper solution in the matter. The manager’s role in eradicating the problem can be seen if the manager is well aware of the sections where this can happen. With a well focused vision it can be easily eradicated permanently. That is why controlling and stalking an employee is really important.

You need to know why the people do the thing and if you know this then you will definitely solve the problem. The result depends on different people. If you think that only for extra income it is seen then it is not correct. The need can be the financial pressure on the person and in other hand the problem is due to heavy debts due to gambling. In a marketing field you have to consider all the factors. People have their different reasons like, this is really small, they know about it, it is a very common thing, and I deserve this and so on. But it is not good. For your good grade you must not do this. This is a black mark on your character. But this happens still and you need to go for other options to get rid of it.

Violence in workplace

Workplace violence is really common thing and it can be seen in everywhere. Some of the examples are like a driver lost his job and killed four of his co employee. The other news says that a person lost his job and he came back after some time and shot the person who fired him and others too. A person who lost his job is the France shot down the person and the killed himself too. So there are many examples to be taken but you cannot afford to happen. What are the solutions now? You have to find the solutions by yourself.

Contemporary Issues in the Process of Controlling 12The occupational threat has re one of the most common things after you take the decision of eliminating a person. This is one of the most common thins. Just think about one particular problem and find the solution of it.A person who is having the problem said that he received some threat calls after firing someone. This is one of the most common things. The committee of occupational safety has given many reports. In those reports it is seen that in the current year the rates of these kind of violence have been decreased and it is one of the best news for the manager. Is being a manager your decision is doing this then the answer is yes. But if you don’t have any kind of other options then you have to do this. Getting bullied and getting threats directly is a great problem and you need to be sure that you are in the safe zone or you cannot have the best hand on your work. Some of the managers have also reported that they have faced numerous attacks both physically and mentally. You should have the ability to handle these kinds of situations.

What are the factors that are responsible for these kinds of instances? The answer is simple it is stress, nose, un-comfort, gradual interruptions, overload of work and many other things. You need to be more focused on you work and in that time when the job uncertainty pressure is on your head then you get disturbed by the fellow or the manager. It is a great reason to get violent in the office.

  • The TNC factor for employee (time, numbers, and crises).
  • Rapid change and unpredictable of jobs among employees.
  • The communication style of a manager. It is usual if he communicate aggressively; speak explosive words, or passive process of the same styles.
  • Authoritarian leadership with a rigid, ruled by fake ideas, the problem of suppression. No rights to give any suggestion.
  • Defensive nature feedback is uttered; shouting, avoidance to handle conflict.
  • Grievances in the organization.Less functional people getting protected because of bad rules, reluctance to handle problem.
  • Mentally troubled employees are not getting help.
  • Repetitive work in daily schedule.
  • Worst equipment or training, which are often responsible for the problem and gives less efficiency
  • Temperature, noise pollution, crowded place, hesitation etc are also a big reason behind all kind of problems.
  • While thinking about the profit in case of heavy workloads no extra employee is hired by the company. This causes massive frustrations.

What is the role of the people who are in the managerial post? If you want to know about it then the preventive measures are given there in the previous section. Just follow the process and try to be more human than a machine.

Handling the customers

If you think that all the given above document is enough to get eh best out of the box then you are wrong. Now you are going to see the most important thing and that is customer handling. If the reviews are not good then you are doomed and the level of the company is also doomed. There are many possible ways to get the best out of you. You need to give the best kind of service to the people and in return you will find a great job from them.There are many options in these kinds of services. The repetition of same face4 is not seen in quite a few times until you get the customer convinced by your performance and he says ‘I am satisfied’. The chances of getting the same customer again is really low and you can surely say that until you give them what they need and all kind of benefits you will not have the upper hand in the market.

Contemporary Issues in the Process of Controlling 13There is a profit chain the market and the customer plays a vital role in it. The chain stats from the company and then through service it reaches the profit section. If you want to know in detail then it can be said that if a company is giving good service to the customer and he or she is satisfied with the service then after it the company will be profited by the revenue gathered by them and the service of the people will definitely enhance morel. It is just like a great deal which can be a worthy one for both the customer and the company.

The role of managers in case of delivering great kind of profit is simple. If you are having a bad time and the manager is getting to be moved to other place then just pray to god that the new one may not be like him. It is really easy to say because if you do so and the manager gives a less pressure to you then you will get the benefit and you will deliver a good kind of service to the customer. Is it happening in the world? Yes, it is happening and you can have that too in any time. The less the pressure is being created the easier it gets to give away good kind of service. In this way you will also have high service value, easy return, loyalty and all the necessary things.

There are many companies which give reward to the service providers and the employee for performing best and if they think that it is necessary then they will also promote you. These kinds of things gives boost to the people who are working in the business and you will see a performance rise in them.The best thing for you is going to the reliable one in need.

Corporation’s governance

It is a major thing to be look for. If you think the necessity of this thing is not important then you are wrong. For any kind of information you have to go for the internet service and in the aftermath of the search you may find that you are being tracked and you will lose the vital information which you care seeking for. this is a reality and in the past the people who have been looking for a good kind of security have said that by this kind of governance they feel safe and the data of them is even safer than before. The seniors of the board must take the control of the place and if there is any kind of flaws then it should have been treated by experience and will power.

The role of directors

The role of the directors is just like this. They need to think about the people who have invested to them and there is nothing else. Just for the sake of some good relation with the manager they often get reluctant to these things. It is not good for the reputation of the company and for the investors too who have trusted on them.

The companies which follow the ‘quid pro quo’ rule demanded to redesign the total system and in return the Sarbanes Oxley Act gave them what they have demanded for. This is really good for the development of it.For the help of the directors 13 governance rules are given and they are helping the directors to perform well in the world of today.

Reporting the audit committee

The best part is now the managers are bound to submit the financial report of their companies to the head authority with more transparency and clarification. The market is depended on the investors in most of the cases and there is a lack of information to the basic level investor. For the help of the managers there are principles also and in the long term it is going to be a great benefit for them.


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