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Baggage Blunders 

It is related to the airport facility. There are any things happening in this current second in every airport. The Heathrow Airport’s terminal 5 is the place where this happened. Queen of England inaugurated the thing and the way it was doing the job was not up to the mark. After a period of time there were many problems and due to which many flights were cancelled. This is something really bad for the people who are depending on it. Several cases said the baggage machines which were build there showed the problems. This was the reason of a daily problem there.

The T5 was designed for a great work. It was made to take the work load of Heathrow but in the end nothing ran correctly. The baggage machines which were able to deliver 12000 bags per hour with the help of more than 90 fast check-in bag drops fall out. This is a very bad thing for the reputation. The T5 was designed to take at least 30 million passengers per year.

The place is one of the most important ones in Britain. The problem started after the few years of the progress. The baggage workers are not able to pass the baggage and the people who are waiting for the bags to get the plain waited and the plane left with empty cargo. The people who arrived there waited for more than an hour to get the bags. This is one of the worst case scenarios. A gate that was developed in the underground terminal didn’t work well and there were inexperienced ticket givers who didn’t know the correct fare to different places. The authority of airports said them to solve the issues. This is really bad for everyone and especially for the authority who responsible for this.

You may think that the airport authority should have checked the things but they had done that and in the end the results were not that bad. The test was performed on 16000 volunteers and they were quite satisfied with the performance of the machines. All the four stages of the tests were done and then the airport was declared as running condition.

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