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Ethical issues

It is not a small matter. In some of the cases the cashier of a mall give away more things in a low rate, gives one thing for free, give free coupons to a person he likes. These are the cases where the company or the authority of the mall can keep their eye on but they are not successful in all the cases. Security measures are taken but the main problem is why would a person do things like this?

Exercising the skills

Performance feedback

Things about skill

It will come into notice when your manager will introduce the feedback controlling on skill related issues. This will judge the performance of yours.

Steps involved in it

  1. The thing that must not be taken lightly is this one. If you take the matter lightly then you will make a big mistake. There are any cases when the organization has failed to give proper service. That is why do your job with proper focus on it and don’t get interrupted. If it is necessary then take a good privacy and don’t take the calls from anyone, close the door of your room and what is necessary.
  2. The employee mu9st have the ease that is needed. if you are getting a good feel than pass it to the employee so that he can get the benefits from it. There is no matter if your employee is getting a good environment. Ultimately he will work in your benefits for the company.
  3. If you don’t tell why the meeting is set then what is the benefit of it? Just make sure that you are in a place where you are giving the reasons why the session is necessary. This is going to give a positive impact to everyone.
  4. You need to be more specific in nature. If you talk generally then there’s no point of doing the thing. There must be an aftermath after the feedback session.
  5. There is nothing personal and the possibilities are high when everything is discussed in a specific manner. Need to remember that the session is not to beast someone. There is nothing personal and giving someone priority is a big mistake in this place.
  6. There must be good data available in front of you. If you blame someone for something then you must have good evidence. Where the performer must put some extra push must be set up. With data it can be done with ease.
  7. If you channelize the negative feedback to the person who is working on it then the safety measures will be strengthen. He will understand where the problem is and why it is important for you and where you want drastic improvement. In future it will be beneficial.
  8. You need to let talk them. This doesn’t mean that you should consider some excuses. You should know what he has to say. If there is something relevant to your job then just find the solution where he is facing the problem. By eliminating it you will find the best results.
  9. You need to be more specific. If your sessions ends up in the same condition like it was started then where is the benefit. You need to have an idea whether the person is getting your points or not.
  10. There must be a goal. If you are setting it high then tell them where they need to put some extra efforts. The negative points of the employee are a vital issue to be taken care of. If that is done and the goals are reached then for future you must plan something new.


It is related to development of your skills. There are many options to be taken care of. If you want to learn a language then there must a plan for that. Preparing your mind is necessary and getting all the negative fats out of it one of the major things to be done. You should polish your skills by practicing the work and in this manner you will definitely have a better way of thinking and good posture of living.

Reviewing what you have in your mind is essential if you have planned something then asks yourself where to start? Why to get the job done? Where to find the out sources? All of these are necessary and good for the job in the end.

Working together

A good team exercise

It is essential. The reason is just the simple. If you want to do something then with the help of the others you will easily achieve that. There will be no problem for you in the end. Just make sure that the teen workers are in a safe environment. You need to be more focused towards that than anything else. The success chances get high with it.

Being a manager at the end

  • If you have something to finish in this month end, then just concentrate on the planning for it. If you have set yourself for a goal then just following it is not the option you have. You need to work on it in a smart way.
  • Your personal life must be controlled and if you do so then the effects are going to improve your managerial career in the beginning.
  • You should make a document on the people who have faced violence in the companies. If you do so them you will get the idea of what you have to face. It may include yelling, physical harassment, verbal harassment and all that you can imagine.
  • Putting someone in your discipline is really important. If you can do that and include discipline in their life then it will be a great thing for you. You need to visit some managers who have done that so that you will know how to do it and why to do it.


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