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Deep water in Deep Trouble 

It was the most unthinkable accident in the US history. The British ship carrying petroleum lit up in the Gulf of Mexico in 20th April 2010. It caused the life of 11 men who were present there. The result was really bad and the oil spill over a great area and this affected the wildlife of that spot. What was the reason of this accident? Is there any remedy by which it can be taken care of in the future? The answers are lying deep but in the controlling sections we can learn a lot of things from it.

Case Application 1 Deepwater in Deep Trouble 15The committee which was investigating the problem cause said that the ship worth $1 billion was the best the buyers can afford. It is one of the best the world has ever seen but an accident is an accident. There are issues which came to the light after the inspection. A good amount of oil was spill over the place and it went down to the sea. It is a big problem for the sea world.

Before the incident happened there were many kinds of signs which were ignored and then in the end there was the explosion. The sea world was terrified by the thing and there were many kinds of other signs which were came visible before 24 hours of the incident. It is a bad decision to look over all the signs. Just forget the past and go for the future but in this case you cannot say that. It is oil and nothing else and you should definitely consider all the signs that are fatal and life threatening.

Investigations are done and the main questions were why the problem happened and why the people of the ship ignored the signs?

Case Application 1 Deepwater in Deep Trouble 16


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