‘Ninja’ is a website that has overtaken other job titles. Usually this terms was used by programmers those who are great at programming and attacks the programs and code just like a ninja does by using all sorts of tools and objects. However, it also describes the expertise at almost everything starting from services for customers to movers of furniture. One of the most astonishing facts about these ninja job titles are that, it proves and shows that the efforts and hard work of their employees are cherished. Titles should be such so that you can motivate the employee to perform even better.

This topic is not as simple as it seems to be. Researchers are pondering over this topic for a very long time. There are many people who have a very wrong view of what motivation is. Some think that there are few people who is motivated and at the same time some people are not motivated.

Therefore, motivation refers to something that helps someone channelize their efforts and hard work for achieving a particular goal. The person should be very persistent with his hard work. This very definition has a total of three key words. These are direction, persistence and energy.

The element of energy gives you the measure of drive and intensity you out into a particular work. However, the quality of your hard work should be very well considered. You should know that only energy will not lead to any well-being of the team, the effort should be channelized into the right direction so that the entire team gets profit from it.

The effort should be at par with the goal and mission of the organization. The main motive behind this is to make employees perform better with every passing day. For example, a survey conducted by the Gallup poll had a major breakthrough that almost about 73 percent of the employees was not at all excited about putting their  hundred percent into the job. Employees are spending time into their work but not sufficient effort or hard work into it.


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