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A company like Google gets almost over 3000 application in a single day. However, it’s not a surprise. The employees get lots of benefits like, hair salons, massages, free gourmet meal and many others. This company is among the top five in the Forbes magazine. The executive of this company had decided give this kind of benefit to their employees in order to attract good, amazing and intelligent minds.

Case Application 1: Searching for? 16An example of this is that, three former employees of Google came up with an idea of how they should handle the Web video. However, they decided to leave the company and start their own start up, google wanted these three employees so much that, it had offered a blank check asking them to stay and work. Therefore, slowly all the intelligent minds of google are leaving the company is search of their own company.

Discussion question

  1. How is it like to have a job at Google? Write down your feeling from the work environment.
  2. Google is providing a lot to its employees; however still many of them are leaving. What can you conclude about the excitement level of the employees from this?
  3. What is the biggest problem Google faces when it comes to keeping their employees motivated?
  4. If it was you who were managing a team of employees at Google, how will you keep them motivated?


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