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Best Practices At Best Bully 

A new program named called ROWE was introduced by Brad Anderson, the CEO. The motive of this program was to introduce flexible work hours for its employees. The schedule of ROWE is not important, but the change in the work culture is very important. Along with the blessing of the CEO Anderson, the long work ours of its employees started. This program consisted of three phases. In the first phase an audit was held which made found out how the workers perceived their work culture.

The second step explained the managers on how should they control the ROWE work culture. And in the third phase, the entire team became a unit and tried to find how to implement changes.

The end result of ROWE is very productive. The productivity of the company jumped to around 40 percent and the turnover dropped to nearly 12 percent. The area of work stated to become more interesting and the people started to perceive their work as something that they love to do and not just as a place they have to go.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the prime elements of ROWE? Describe the advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Why do you think that the strategy behind ROWE works? Use one of the theories of motivation you read in this chapter.
  3. What kinds of challenges are faced by the managers while implementing ROWE program?
  4. Do you think that you will be comfortable with this program? Give reason supporting your answer.
  5. Interpret the last statement which states that work is not a place to go but something that you should do! Why do you or do you not agree with this statement.


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