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Preparing for My Career

Preparing for My Career 15Skills exercise

Developing your motivating employee skills

Here are a few steps which you should follow if you want to excel in this skill:

  1. Recognize the difference: you should know that every individual is different from one another. Therefore, their needs will also be different. They differ in terms of personality, attitude and other variables.
  2. Match individuals to do the job: do not give any individual who does not have the necessary skill to do the job.
  3. Use rewards and goals: try to ensure that employees work hard to meet certain goals. This is the best way to measure their hard work and their performance.
  4. Do not ignore money: for some employee money is crucial. Being a manager if you feel that certain employee is performing well if he is given incentive then you should not ignore the money factor because after all it is the organization or the company who is getting the benefit.
  5. Link performance and rewards: nowadays it is very important that you link rewards along with performance to make sure that the employee is doing well and to ensure the employee that his or her work is being recognized.
  6. Individual rewards: managers should realize that requirements of employees are different and thus, their rewards should also be different. For instance the pay and promotion of a hard working employee should be different than those who do not take their work seriously.
  7. Goals should be attainable: the goal which is set by the manager should be such that it is attainable at all costs because only then you will be able to monitor and judge the performance of an employee.

Working together:

Team exercise

Try to list out five factors which you think is crucial for you when you are doing a job. Rank them according to your order of importance. Now break them into groups and compare. What kind of patterns did you find?

My turn to be a manager

  • Goal setting is one of the best habits a manager should have. Interview several managers and find out what kind of work motivates their employees in the best possible manner. Try to jot down every approach each and every manager took towards their employee to get a job done.
  • Try to note down the reasons why you think you are not motivated enough to do the job.
  • Use the characteristics model for jobs to get to know how to motivate your employees in a better manner.
  • Take some time out and think what you exactly want from your job. Try to be sure about what you are working for, is it just money or is it the passion that makes you wants to work.
  • Find out various employee recognition programs and try to write your own review about it. If you think it is good, then try to jot down the reasons about why it is good or what should there be extra to improve it.




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