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The Process of Control 

Control process is really essential and it is important for the growth of yours. As a HR manager you must focus on the growth of the company by decreasing the rate of injuries of the employees. If you are not accustomed to the thing then get information on why it is important to find a good cure. If you decrease the rate of injuries then you will find the upward growth of your company’s performance. It is really harmful for anyone who is in the company. The overall growth of the company stumbles and there is a great depreciation in the overall production. The leave in the working days rises and this blows a major negative impact on the production of the company. A HR manager should rely on the controlling measures to get a hold on the situation. This is important for all who are working in the company.

The controlling process is depending on three things. Open of them is measuring the problem, then comparing it to the standards and then taking the proper steps to rectify the problem in the end. If these are implemented properly then you will found the people are becoming assiduous in a really short time no matter what is the problem. It is nothing but some specific goals to be achieved in the end.

Step 1. Measuring Actual Performance

A manager must get information to rectify any kind of problem. There must be a proper way to approach towards the problem.

Measuring process- There are four things to be considered in this case. They are observation, statistics, oral reports and the hard copy of reports. A good manager will definitely rely on the approaches. It is the best to be done.

Measured thing

What you are going to measure is really important and it is often more important than why and how to measure it. It is important for a company because in this way you will find the true place where you should definitely lock on your concentration. A good manager will find the path and proceed towards success and positive results with it.There are many common measures in companies. One of the things common is that the managers always deal public and they can be client and other people too.There are many factors like absent ate, turnover, employee satisfaction etc.If the cost of expenses are checked thoroughly then by controlling it you can have a good kind of result in the end. Depending upon working area the work of a manager is determined.

A pizza delivery manager must keep record of the average time and total orders delivered. If he wants then the manager can keep records of the coupons which are redeemed.In the governmental organisations the works are different and they are depending on some of the facts like the number of clients and applications received etc. So there are many things to be done in different places and it is important from the perspective of development of the company.

A manager can have some subjective measures and it can be very beneficial if it is controlled by him regularly. But the problem is those might have some limitations in the end.

The Process of Control 3The Process of Control 4Step 2. Comparing Actual Performance against the Standard

Comparing is often needed and if you take some of the things a bit too seriously and create a margin then you will never see downward movement of the performance. Some of the measures are regularly checked and compared with the standard state of the worker. If there is a decrease in the condition then you must put some seriousness to it.The deviation set for the performance must not be overlooked because it is for the betterment of the company. Here is an example

Greg Shaw is a manager in a company which supplies a good amount of plants and seeds to the various corners of the country. Here is a graph given.The Process of Control 5

The Process of Control 6So this is the total thing which is given to the various corners of the country. As a manager it is not that bad and not that good kind of sight. If you are here in the place of Greg then what you would have done is the main question. There are some cases where the standard level is not reached and in some cases the standard level is crossed. It is satisfying for you? It depends on how much you want to sell. There is a limit of everything and in the market it is seen in a proper extent.The things which are below the standard level must have a some notice.

It is given report that in the future Greg may not get those things from the stock. In the place where the demand is high it is important to have some faith on Greg that he will provide it according to the customer demand. But it is totally dependent on what Greg thinks. In the two cases it is important to have some attention. In this way you will get to the third step which is marginal concentration.

Step 3. Taking Managerial Action

A manager can think about three steps and they are doing nothing, correct the actual happening and checking the standards. The first option is totally unworthy so focus on the rest two.

Actual performance

It is really important for anyone. The manager who is in the sports department can tell a brief about this. If you are in sports then you will know the importance. The performer must perform well and for that it is important to go for a good supervision. If anything is spotted then the coach must eradicate it with a good kind of training or doing what is necessary.

What is the actual problem must be corrected and for that a manager must take steps. If there is an issue about the performance then the manager must take a good training programme instead of the current one and then only he can see a good growth. If needed then he might try the hardest programme. Putting some discipline in work is important and in this way a performance worthy of trust can be generated. Immediate actions can be taken to alter the performance or he can do another thing and that is getting the main source of the problem and then analyse the problem and then looking for the actual process to go for it.

A manager must take some time to go for a proper rectifying process. If it is important then he must be hard on the workers and by providing what they need he can definitely see some upward motion in the performance graph. For that e must maintain a good kind of workload on the worker. In a balance state he will see the worker doing a good kind of performance and in return the company will be benefited.

Checking the standards

The standards are something which can give you a good idea about whether it is the fault of the worker or it is the standard which is high or low of the actual goal. If you think that there is nothing to do with the standards then you are totally wrong. In some cases the standards must be checked as well.If the goal is too easy then you will see the people are reaching it in a short time and in those cases the standards must be raised. If you raise the standard then you will find that the people are working more and more to get that level. In the students who often score bad grades it is seen that they are blaming the grading system. They do not concentrate on how they are performing. If the performance have some lacking then you will not see a proper score that you admire. It is totally natural to blame the scoring system because the student will never consider that he is not working hard and for that what need is a good supervision.

The Process of Control 7Among the sales people it is also common. When they are unable to complete what they are given to do in a month they say that is not a good goal. It is important for them to look on what they are doing instead of blaming the people who have set the goal. As a good manager it is important for you to go for the goal and tell them that it is not untouchable in a month. It is easy to achieve and you are there to help them. In this way you will find that they are working with confidence. The more you show them confidence the more you will find good performance. If you are not sure to have the success then tell them that you want to have some more effort in the future work. This is going to be a good thing for you and the workers too.

Manager’s decision in controlling process

The goal is the basic standard and it is achievable in the future. For that what you need to do is giving proper instructions as a manager and continuously doing motivating work for the people. There is no room for lack of interest. Just go for it and avoid “doing nothing”.


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