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A large type yellow color bus is basically used as the school bus in different communities. Blue Bird Corporation is one of the reputed and reliable manufacturers of these school busses. The school bus is one such a product where a highest quality level of production is needed because this is associated with the life of several children.

These school busses are the proper replacement of earlier cargo. However, achieving the faith of the students’ guardian is mostly depended upon the dedication, quality as well as efficiency of the manufacturers and it is not an easy task. The plant of Blue Bird in Lafayette, Georgia begins their lean journey that means the efficient operation of lean in the year 2003. That time the manager observed the low quality products are generating. Observing these low quality products the plant manager starts to implement strategic systems and a productive procedure to modify the quality.

Not only in quality, the production manager also focus on raw materials, finance as well as human resources so that the total system of production can be productive and develop more the business of them. The Blue Bird takes immediate and serious steps to totally change the quality control lab and re-arrange the laboratory equipped with modern and scientific apparatus as well as review board. They try to computerize the total system of production so that it can under their grip and it can easily controlled by them. They arrange their company from the route incorporating the new maintenance management system, employee suggestion technique, weekly management roundtable conference along with a safety improvement program.

Measurement is one of the most crucial factors to the success of a company. As per the view of a production manager, you do not understand how well you are performing if you do not measure the things properly. So, you must implement the proper measurement technology in your company to grow more. Safety is also one most important thing to the improvement of your company. All employees of your company should be most efficient and they must follow all safety rules to minimize the accidental cases. Actually a good circumstance can alive a company and it provides stimulate the employees to do more jobs and grow the production rage as much as possible.

So, it should be consequently that the employees will think about company’s interest and at the same time the company management will fulfill the needs of employees which ultimately boost the growth rate of the organization. The company should also undergo the important certification process like ISO 9001-2008 to achieve the goal of production and enhance the reputation. A company management has to work hard to the entire development along with the betterment of the employees’ interest. The Blue Bird is an instance of successful company in respect of operation and tackles the organization with a successful manner. Every company should follow them to improve the individual company’s reputation and growth.

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