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Definition and functionality of communication

Transferring and understanding is completely known as communication. Communication in between two or else more person becomes Interpersonal. Communication of organization includes all forms that are patterns, networking and other systems meant for communication through any organizations.

Controlling behavior or employees, motivating them, release of emotional feeling with social needs fulfillment and information providing is all functionalities of communication.

Comparing upon the methods for interpersonal communication

Seven elements make up a communication process. Sending a message is for purpose is all the first stage of these elements. After this stage encoding is done, followed by the channel service which allows the messages to pass through. After the message is being received by the receiver it becomes decoding. Finally at last the feedback is followed.

As per the feedback, breadth potential, complex capacity, confidentiality, encoding and decoding ease, constraints of time and space, interpersonal warmth, costing, formality, time consumption and scan ability all needs to be looked upon by the managers for various communicating processes.

Methods of communication has a face to face, telephonic, group meetings, presentations formally, memos, mail with traditional process, fax, publication of employees, bulletin boards, audio and video tapes, email, computer conferences, etc.

Identifying the barriers that are effective for an interpersonal communication and ways for overcoming them

Barriers in mid of effective communication processes would include filtering, emotional system, information overloading, defensiveness, national cultures and languages.

These all can be overcome by using proper feedback, simplified languages, active listening, emotion constrains, and looking through nonverbal cues. Thus managers should look through these elements.

Explaining the effective ways for communication flow in varied organization

A communication that is done within the limits of organization for work arrangements is known as formal communication whereas the informal way of communication are not at all defined within the hierarchy of structure.

Any type of communication within organization can also flow upward, downward, laterally and also diagonally.

Three categories of communication networks may include a chain where the flow of communication is through a formal chain of commands; second is the wheel where communication flow is between leaders or else team working together; and lastly all-channel which are for communication flow that too in a free manner between employees.

Grapevine should be important networks for communication as per the managers. While you communicate in an open manner then slowly the negative rumors will decrease.

Better designing of workplace is sufficient for organizational communication. But this designing should be supportable for focused form of working, collaboration, socialization along with learning. With all these circumstance communication is possible.

Description of how a technology would affect the managing of communication and the organization

The technology has transformed the way of communicating in the organization for each employee. Manager’s ability of monitoring employee’s performance has improved; employees enjoy more availability of information for taking proper decisions, more opportunities of collaboration are available for employees, and has made people available at any time at any place.

Organizations have been found affected by IT as the way of sharing ideas and information’s have been transformed among the members with even more toughest work.

Discussing the issues within any communication

Main two challenges of communication management include legal and other security issues while working with Internet just because of personal information lack.

Managing knowledge can be easier for organization simply by allowing an employee to communicate and also easily share the knowledge which they have. This will help them to learn more and get benefits. Other ways includes the online database creation and also about creating practices for communication.

Having a perfect communication with customers had been great issues for managers over the past years. Especially what type of communication is done and how is it done for providing various service so customers.

Getting feedback from employees or information from them shouldn’t be ignored.

The ultimate one is that any organizations communications should be ethical. These can also encouraged through proper guideline and also by giving answers to various communicators for their choices which they make.

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