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Preparing for the Career

Dilemma through Ethics:

All social based platforms can be a fun place. These are a best place for being in touch with those old friends and families. But what would happen if in case your employee or else boss desires to be your friends? Various experts have told that at this point one should also proceed with great caution. Is it right to give space for a professional friend into personal life? What type of ethical based issue can be formulated here?

Skills exercises

Develop active listening skills here:

About the skills:

Whatever is being said around you should have a special focus on it. It is not only about listening those words but something even more than that. This probably involves effort of speaker’s messages.

Various steps involved in skills of practicing:

  1. Make a contact through eyes: It feels quite weirdo when you are speaking and no one looks at you. If you are similar to others in interpreting the behavior of other then this is your disinterest. Focus can easily be improved by looking through others eyes while having a conversation and this will save you from distraction.
  2. Exhibit different behavior and also facial based expression: If you are an effective listener then also you will show interest when non verbal form of communication is going through. A good eye connection and face expressions are suitable for better communication establishment.
  3. Avoid actions that are distracting: Along with showing your interest you should also be able to avoid an action that pretends you of being non listener. While listening to someone avoid looking through your watch, papers, pencils, etc. This will make the speakers feel bad and feel like being distracted.
  4. Try asking questions: A critical listener is one who is great at listening and questioning. This behavior is worth of clarification, understanding, and assuring about the listeners and the speakers.
  5. Understand the paraphrase: An effective listener is one who uses phrases like “what I would hear is that you say”, “did you mean this..?” etc. Thus paraphrasing is also effective way of understanding and checking whether you are in a proper condition of listening al things accurately.
  6. Avoid any interruption for the speaker: Always allows speaker to tell whatever they are saying without any interruptions. Never guess where the speaker is trying to go through their thoughts.
  7. Stay always motivated: It has been a habit that most of the people try to express their own thoughts rather than listening others. For them talking become interesting rather than being silent. But a good listener is one who recognizes this.
  8. Make a perfect role in between the speaker and listener: A perfect listener is one who makes it easier for speaker to express their views. Concentrating upon a speaker views is needed for all.

Practicing the skills:

Try asking your friends about their day and ignore interrupting them while conversation. After your friend finishes their talk try to ask them questions later. Then summarize the answers and then put a conclusion to this. Let your friend rate this how well you work upon this.

Team exercise

You might have also laughed at those oddball videos flashing over YouTube. But have you ever thought of using online videos meant for working? Is there any kind of use for the online videos? Is there any advantage or drawback of using these online working videos?

Try forming small groups that comprises of almost three to four people and find answers to these issues. Prepare for answers and get ready to tell it in front of your classmates.

It’s My Turn to Be a Manager

  • Try researching a good communicator’s behavior. Then be a good and best communicator with those behaviors.
  • Communications being used through Exhibit 15-2 should be attempted by you at least once. To find out where your communication turns up of expectation and which form suits you best.
  • Try to notice the non verbal form of communication of others just for one day. What did you find through this and was it all just full of verbal communication describe them well?
  • Write a simple report upon the research being done for IT devices and how are they applied for various usage.
  • Survey upon five managers and check what they say about being a god communicator. Then list the on a bulletin board.
  • Follow the Steve’s and Mary’s recommended settings. This includes Philips G Clampitt, Communications being done for effective managerial process, Great communicational secrets of leaders, The leader as a commentator, The Voice of Leaders, Jo-Ellan Dimitrius and Reading people.
  • Try to survey through 10 offices and ask them about: (1) email messages which they receive each day, (2) how many of them do go and check emails, (3) whether as per the ban emails are good for one week or not. Compile and make a report.
  • Choose five interesting topics that are being mentioned through Today’s Organizational issues of communication and then list it over bulletin board for further details.
  • Write down any three vital things which you had learnt through the chapter.
  • Try to gain self learning tool. Simply go visit and complete one powerful exercise that is what is a face to face form of communication, how good skills of listening could be, performance feedback, result your assessments, how to reinforce the strength, etc.


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