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Delivery Disaster 

Two employees from Domino’s pizza were seen filming a prank video in their kitchen at Conover in North California this made a strong crisis for the company. Later this video was posted over the online site YouTube. In this video the employees were seen preparing sandwiches and while putting the cheese through they used their nose, mucus of nasal and also ignoring health related issues. Till that next day a number of disguised reviews had appeared through Google and also through Twitter.

Soon Dominos found the strength of social media over such tiny incidents. A common person from dominos has stated that, “it was a blind side just a misguidance by the two mischievous boys.” Initially it was decided to avoid putting more focus upon this by the executives but this controversy did not see its end. This was a simple sensation that got viral. Marketing chief thought if you think this won’t spread then simultaneously it goes bigger. Within no time reputation of Dominos was shattered. Slowly the customer reviews turned down as per one brand expert, it was sufficient enough to give a pause for customers.

What has happened to both the boys? Nothing they simply stated that they never delivered such quality food to customers. Fortunately the company fired them with some money. Later a video addressing the top managers with these issues was posted soon.

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