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Explaining the Effective Ways for Communication Flow in Varied Organization 

It is often common to find managers asking their subordinates during a meeting for any further query. This is done such that the silence is broken down. Communication plays a crucial role for any organization. Managerial form of communication is equally important from both sides for any organization. Thus understanding this of communication is not possible without aspects from organization along with formal communicational flow of information, flowing patterns for communication, workspace designing and also the formal or informal communicational networks.

Difference between formal as well as informal communication:

Communications done within the organization is basically defined with these two form know as formal as well as informal way. Thus the term formal communication is all about communication taking place within known organizations. For instance, completion of task when is asked by a manager than it falls under formal communication. Similarly communicating about the problems with manager is another such example.

If communication is out of organizational hierarchy then its informal communication. Talking and communications being established by the employees during lunch hour is all about informal communication. Here the employees are establishing friendship for better communication. This fulfills most vital two features: satisfies the social interacting mode of employees and also improves the performance of an organization by use of efficient modes of communication channel.

Communicational flow direction:

Here are few ways that cite the directional flow of communication: downward, upside, laterally and also diagonally.

Downward: At the UPS package for each morning and also for several days’ managers gather the workers for conducting mandatory meetings just at the last minute. Thus within these 180 seconds often the manager is talking all about the local stuffs for better communication. Later the meeting ends up. This type of three minutes meeting is successful that often organizations are seen using the same technique. This form of communication flows from managers to the downward employees. Especially when any task is being appointed by the managers to the employees then this technique is followed for coordinate, evaluating, etc. other than these the process is used while providing jobs to the employees.  It can be followed with any of above mentioned methods.

Upward communication: often employees are found passing information’s to their senior managers for better progress and this is called upward communication. Thus a best technique to keep managers also aware of whatever going on within their organization from information’s being collected by the employees. Not only employees but also managers rely upon their seniors for information’s. Few examples include, reports based on performance being prepared by the employee, procedure for the grievances, discussions between the managers and the employee, etc. In fact it is the best way of discussing with the top level mangers for betterment.

The usage of upward communication depends solely upon the culture of organization. If any of the steps including trustable climate, empowerment, is followed then this would lead towards upward communication process with better employees input. This upward communication is still taking place but in a limited way.

Lateral communication: When communications are taking place within organizations employees with same level then its lateral communication. Keeping today’s environment this horizontal form of communication is hardly been used in order to facilitate and also save most of the timing. Best example for this communication are the cross functional team of experts. The major conflict would appear while the employees ignore informing their managers with all responses.

Diagonal communication: This form of communication is a cross between both the work areas along with including the organizational level. For example, when credit analyst is seen communicating with the regional manager directly regarding the issues of a customer then they fortunately focus upon the departments and the levels of organizations. This makes them use the diagonal communication. This form of communication is beneficial for the efficiency and their speed. In spite of the working barrier an employees can also communicate with other employees freely without any trouble. Apart from this many CEO is seen using “Open inbox” method for sending mails. For instance, head of the defense company Raytheon, William H Swanson had been able to response for over 150000 mails. Similarly as per the CEO from Pfizer that approximately 75 mails are received by the man each day. If suppose employees do not keep the managers also informed then these diagonal communication can simultaneously create issue.

Network of communicational network in organization:

The various vertical as well as the horizontal linings from the communication of an organization for combining the patterns called as communicational networks. This can be best cited using Exhibit 15-4 with three similar networks.

Organizational Communication 4Various forms of communicational networks: In the figure it can be seen that the chain network is working as per formal chain commands from both the downward and upward directions. Whereas a wheel network is meant for describing flow of communication in between the clearly identified and also the strong leader along with other team. This leader is the hub which allows flow of communication from it. Lastly the flow of communication channel is smooth through all-channel networks.

The form of a network choice depends upon your need. The Exhibit 15-4 is also showing the brief details with: accuracy, speed, probability of leader emerging and also satisfaction of member. It is a fact that no such single network would work well for all situation.

The Grapevine: Discussion about communication is incomplete without talking about the Grapevine. This is a form of informal network of communication for the organization. Whether is it important? As per the survey being done 63 percentages of employees are seen getting the first gossip through Grapevine.

Thus it is clear that how effectively Grapevine is important for the communicational network. It in fact points towards the issues that often employees consider importance. Through manager’s point of the view anything that becomes gossip and what is important can easily is seen through Grapevine. What types of information’s are being passing, how do they flow and their pattern, and whether an individual is a key for this pattern etc. all are understood with this. Though eliminating the Grapevine is impossible so managers should also manage them appropriately.

Similarly the rumors cannot be removed thus proper ways needs to be taken for minimizing the effects of grapevine. But how is this done? Communicating freely with the employees especially when the employees are seen not agreeing upon decisions of manager’s. Honest form of communication would have positive type benefits for any organization. According to the study done by Towers Watson the best communication brings the employees together for good business. Companies who had better communication processes had made a turnover of 91 percent within five years time. Thus companies with effective communication process tend to have four times the better high level of employment than other organizations.

Designing of workplace and the communication:

With the direction of flow of communication and organizational network of communication another affecting factor is the workplace designing’s. Apart from the technological information and employee mobility being associated, with more of organizations communication is still good for the workplace. More than 74 percentage of the employees work is seen spend within an organization. Designing of an organization and proper arrangement of workplace is definitely needed for any organization with overall performances. In fact the survey being done upon American workers also stated that 90 percent of employees stated that having better workplace would affect the organizations work environment and performance.

Even the research has also stated that this designing should be able to support: focused working, collaborations, socialization and also learning. The first focused working is when employee concentrates upon the provided task. Collaboration allows employees for working together. Learning involves training processes for getting new ideas and also involving more of focused work along with collaboration. When an employee gathers to have conversations then this called as socialization. As per the survey if any of the worker is found having oases, or any other kind of informal meetings then they are expected to have 102 perfect of more of a face to face communication process than the minimal access people. Communication is important for all these phases with better designing of workplace with better chances of interpersonal communications. This is done with all types and also directions.

A manager is seen deigning the work environment physically thus two most vital designs plays a crucial role on communication. Firstly it is the barrier used for the workplaces and these are known as open workplace with very less physical barrier. Various researches have shown well about those merits and demerits of open workplace. Visibility is most perfect for this kind of workplaces. People from the cubicles showed that 60 percent of face to face communications are established within the team than those of lower visibilities. Another vital part is the density. People who populate a work on immediate terms show more of face to face communications. Workspace that comprises of higher density of more team is good at communication. Number of team should be more than 84 percent. If in case the employees are seen communicating and also collaborating then managers should be able to consider the visibility and also the density through the workplace designing’s.

Another best designing of workplace are the availability of the adjustable form of equipments, work arrangements, and other form of furnishings. As many of the organizations are seen moving towards the nontraditional arrangements of work, adjusting and customizing of employees workplaces have been essentials and influencing for the organizational communication. For example, the partitions that were adjustable are associated with those of both privacy and good communicational ways.

An organization is seen shrinking their workplaces for just saving the money and also it has been the duty for all managers to find that smaller but also more space is provided for useful and efficient working. By giving spaces of working for employees both of the interpersonal and organizational communication flourishes well and is also a contribution for organizations benefits.


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