Information Technology and Communication

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Description of How a Technology Would Affect the Managing of Communication and the Organization

Today the technology has been changed with both the ways that we are living and working. For better understanding consider these four examples: First about the Nielson survey that was done in the year 2009 has shown 276.9 million people were using the email facility all through the US, some European country, Brazil and Australia. Often it has also been seen that Japanese managers, employees and also the housewives are seen using web services for sending and receiving messages, surfing the web, exchanging photos, and also playing games had been common for teenagers.

At the Dream works Animation it has been found that video conferences have allowed the creation of animation with three varied location and for editing films. You might have also found several employees of Ford using mobile phones for various task completions. In fact a survey has showed that almost 93 percent of these employees make use of internet while being at work. Similarly at Lockheed Martin Corporation the employees are seen accessing the internet for social media website namely Unity with various tools like blogging, wikis, sharing files, forums for discussion, and also benchmarking of social platforms.

Today the world for communication is not the same. Changing for of technology has made drastic changes through the environmental changes of organizations now managers are also seen coordinating their employees for their work, thus making work be efficiently done. Not this but the Information Technology also showed its significance in various fields of business. Communicating ways for managers had been totally different.

How are the communications of managers being affected by technology?

Information Technology ahs over time transformed the way of communication for organizational members. For instance, this IT has improved the way of working for managers and now they can easily look behind their employees work for better performances,  it also allows them to have complete information for better movement, and lastly has provided ways for employees to have further collaboration and sharing of information’s. Even apart from these benefits it has also served people with a possibility of being available at any hour for any employee with the hands of support. Now it is not required for employees to sit over tables and wait for establishing conversation with the managers of any other organization. It development that is suitably used these days for better managerial communication includes network system and the capability of wireless.

Network system: In any of the organization the computers are also linked via network system. This helps the members to easily communicate among each other and have pull over their information sources wherever they are either away in town for some work, or across world. Here it has not been focused on how do these network system is working but focus upon its applications like email, messaging instantly, using social media blogs, Twitter, wikis, teleconferencing, and intranets.

Information Technology and Communication 10Wireless Capability: Best example would be to find Seattle based Starbucks Corporation who has provided its managers with the usage of mobile based technology for spending hours behind the stores of company. In fact the executive has also mentioned that these all people are quite vital for their organizations. Each of the managers has a count of 8 or else 10 stores under their supervision. Thus they are required to be almost connected.

As per this example it has been clear that how effectively wireless technology serves the needs of organization. The accessibility of internet is either via Wi-Fi or else WiMax Hot spots. Slowly a number of locations for usage of hot spot go on improving. It has been seen that more than the 50 million mobile phone users are seen through US thus allowing the new generation iPad and notebooks to be developed vastly. Thus also asks the manufacturers to be in contact. With an increased number of wireless communications it has been seen that more number of organizations will be coming closer with collaboration and also for having their ideas being shared.

How these information technologies do affects the organizations?

The company named Monsanto has been able to raise visibility for some of their projects and also desired of making strong comments for the bioengineered form of cropping. Thus following the approach of YouTube the company has send their crew around Philippines and Australia and also to some other countries for filming whether their products were helpful for growing crops. Later on all these clips were posted on the website of the company for better attraction of customers with almost 15000 in number.

It has been mentioned that when the experience of people are shown using the clip then it gets more interesting. This shows the actual power of an IT. For any employee who works as a team or even as an individual needs to have information about each and every decisions that they make regarding work. Thus this shows well how information technology has been affecting the communication system of organizational system and also focuses upon the sharing of information’s.

Exchanging information within any organization by its members is no longer a constraint of geography or the time. It often looks for distribution of the work among wide team or in between the individuals for sharing the information for decision making for entire organization such that it improves the efficiency of the company. Even if economic benefits for IT get good but the managers should not avoid those psychological drawbacks. For some example, What would be a psychological based costing of any employee be accessible? Would this increase the level of pressure over the employees? How much necessary is it to keep personal and professional lives separate for employees? All such questions are never easy for managers to answer but they have to answer them.


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