Communication Issues in Today’s Organizations

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Issues in Today’s Organizations 

The pressing issues within customers are quite common in Citibank’s office all through Malaysia and the managers introduce this issue as the Pulse lunches. The only reason has been the declining rate through the customer’s loyalty and also morality of staffs. Thus one solution could help them by establishing contact with the employees and take a look through their issues. With this interest through pulse, a loyalty could be developed in between customers and the employees and also there will be a turnover of 50 percent within employees.

For being working effectively within an organization you should be a good communicator for being connected with all people including employees as well as customers too. Here through this section few of the problems will be focused on that usually includes: managing the communication through world of internet, managing of knowledge resources of organizations, establish communication with customers, get input from employee and also communicate with them ethically.

How to manage communication through the Internet world

Recently it has been noticed that Lars Dalgaard a founder and also chief executive officer from Success Factors, one such human resource software based company has aimed at sending emails to the employees and also banned the in house rate of email for all employees. What his goal in doing so? The only reason was to keep employees ready for addressing their issues with each other authentically. Through this process Lars Dalgaard was not alone several other companies from US Cellular, has also tried attempting the same process. It has always been found that emails are quite employee consuming but it never turned out to be easy especially when they are intexticating. For the internet world the only challenge has email.

Research has been done and t was concluded that almost 20 percent from the employees of various organizations are seen engaged through blogs, wikis, social Medias, and also on varied web services. Almost all managers are looking for ways that could help them overcome this situation. Two major issues are legal along with security problems and the other one is lack of interaction that too personal.

Legal as well as security issue:A case was seen where Chevron has paid $2.2 million in order to settle down a file of sexual harassment lawsuit which included sending of unwanted jokes over email that too by the company employees. The same has happened by the UK firm who has to spend $450000 for the act of an employee who has wrote an email stating about the financial disaster being faced by the Western Provident Association. The entire market of food was investigated through the federal regulations and also by their CEO John P Mackay was just an attempt in order to attack other rivalry company Wild Oats Markets.

These emails and blogs along with tweets are one of the most prominent ways of communication that is being adapted within organizations thus these needs to be sued appropriately to avoid any type of misuse. All type of electronic based information’s are admissible within courts. During the trial of Enron many prosecutors have entered through the emails being kept for defending the defraud investors. In fact these days email has been one form of DNA investigation. But legal issues occur when security becomes a concern.

As per a survey it has been found that most of the information’s are been leaked and this has affected the company in many ways. Thus it gets vital for managers to keep their vital information’s confidential from others. Any type of email of employees shouldn’t be contacted with others or spread. All computers of corporate world should also be protected with shields for avoiding hackers attack and other spam. These needs to be informed to all people if you really want something better benefits.

Personal interaction: Another problem that was imposed by the social platforms was lack of interaction between people. Even while communicating through face to face the exact interaction is never seen. It gets tough to attend the communication technique within your professional world and with employees from organizations. For creating a response to this few of the companies have tried banning the email whereas other companies have motivated their employees for further collaboration. But yet apart from all these at time sit often becomes difficult for people to have personal interaction with their colleagues. Thus to overcome such situation a better way is to make use of real time collaborating technique with the use of emails, blogs, wikis, instant messengers, etc. rather than fighting with opposition party the companies are now making their employees over ahead and focus upon social media usage in large number and also for stronger connections. But this can be better useful for people who desired to have better way of communication. In fact, this has motivated few companies for creating own platforms. For example we can talk of Starcom Media Vest Group tapping for the SMG connections for searching through profiles of colleagues. They also list the varied jobs they are doing along with desired values. For certain a vice president has mentioned that providing such scope for the employees has been beneficial as because they prefer doing such stuffs and making communication stronger.

How to manage the knowledge resources of an organization:

Kara Johnson an expert from IDEO materialistic firm is a product designer. She has been working upon a goal of designing library of masters that will make finding materials easy with the help of a database with proper manufacturing processes. Johnson’s this way of processes has been easier for other companies for understanding the working techniques easier. This same thing should be done with other manager’s process too for better collection of knowledge resources. It should also be aimed that employees should be given certain freedom for sharing and collecting ideas for communication that can effectively used through their organizational flow. The best way for an organization is to make usage of database which all employees can easily find access too. For instance, William Wrigley JR. Co has launched a web that is quite interactive and can easily permit sales workers to access the data and products information from the market. With this the sales officers can easily question their seniors and ask them for any query resolution whether this is for bank or for market. Wrigley ahs found the first year has fortunately researched the sales to be forced up to 15000hours thus making them even more efficient for use.

For any online sharing of database knowledge companies have tried creating communities for practicing the concept that was introduced through chapter 11 for basic collaboration internally. For moving through better work it gets vital for web services to maintain the strong interactions of humans with use of essential tool. For further clarity it is seen that such organization too face the similar issue that includes problems which all individual face like filtering, defensiveness, emotions and over documentation etc. These all can easily be resolved if all groups focuses upon the previously mentioned suggestions.

What is a role of communication through customer services?

Being a customer is possible for each person thus you might have experienced the services that are encountered by you. Do these have any connection with communication? How do a communication is taking place and check how is it taking place is all about the impact that as a customer you had while getting a service. Managers from all services are required to take care that each of their employees should communicate with other customer appropriately for better and effective response. But how can this are done? The only way is to first recognize basic three components of delivering the processes including customer, organization service and individual service. Each of this is important for understanding whether the communication is moving well or not. Managers do not have that much control over the customer’s communication techniques but they also influence others.

An organization that has strong control over the services values their customers’ needs and also spends hours behind meeting them. Each of the mentioned activity is done with the help of face to face work, by email or else phone calls. Whatever an organization pursues the communication becomes an important part of it. One such strategy that is often used by most organization is also personalization. For example, Ritz Carlton Hotels the customers are served with facilities more than clean beds and other. Customers who stayed elsewhere and found certain items to be of great importance for them will find such items like pillows, shampoos etc, available within the rooms. Database of the hotel is ready to service customers as per their requirements. Thus this is the only reason because customers are always asked to share their views and need. If in case any of the room attendants finds you telling something like anniversary, then immediately something surprise is prepared for you. This makes it clear how communication plays a crucial role for personalized strategy development for customers.

Communication is also necessary for the contact employees. An interaction in between the two people that is customer and contact employee results in customer satisfaction. This is indeed remarkable when customer service turns up than your expectation. People who are always in the front of any service provider turn up to be more critical during any service failures. Thus a decision needs to be taken for better communication and techniques. Each manager should have an attitude of listening properly for better establishing of communication which will surely take them long distance and also help them curing the issue in between customer service. Another most vital concern for this individual service provider is that to be aware that of information needed for serving clients are sufficient and present within the hands of managers that can be used while dealing with customers. If they do not have such information then they have to drag it from somewhere for betterment.

How to receive the input from employee?

Recently Nokia has been found to set up intranet soapbox that is being known by Blog-hub and they have also opened it for most of the bloggers all across the world. Most of the employees have also griped their maximum employees but instead of shutting away Nokia has tried firing them away. It has also been felt that growth of Nokia is attributing towards an era that would force employees to share whatever is there within their minds with trust and faith.

In this day of challenging surrounding it gets vital for company to get an input from the employees. Did you ever see a suggestion box for employees where you worked previously? While a new idea has been prevailing within the mind of employee related to cost reduction, improvement through delivery timings, and many more, all these goes to the box of suggestion for answers until someone empties the box. Often it has been seen that business employees crack jokes upon these suggestion box of organization. The most uncertain thing is that such attitude is still found within some organization these days. Managers are working within such environment where it has been seen that no one could ignore potentially important information. This can easily be understood through Exhibit 15-5.

How to communicate ethically?

The communication form of any organization today must be ethical. Thus this ethical communication should include relevant form of information that is true for all of its sense but is also not deceptive. On a contrary the unethical note is distortion of truth. What kind of ways do companies follow for unethical communication? The possible way is to omit needful information’s. For example, hiding the news from employees that impending merging means that few of the employees will be losing their jobs. It often gets illegal to tell someone else words as your own form. Other than these some more unethical communication steps would be misquote something selectively, misrepresenting the numbers, visual distortions, privacy failures, etc. Other example could be about British Petroleum who attempt to communicate with others fairly bout the truth of Gulf Coast oil spill in the year 2010. But apart from these yet some of the news was found to be unethical by the company.

Then how can a manager prefer doing for ethical communication? The one reason could be establishing a clear guideline for the ethical communication with all business being ethical. On a survey done by the International Association of business Communicators almost 70 percent have mentioned that their company is legal to tell about the maintenance process of ethical as well as unethical communication through the organization. If no such form of guideline is found it gets necessary for you to answer such questions:

  1. Is that situation defined clearly and precisely?
  2. Why are the messages been communicated?
  3. How the message will impact the person who receives them?
  4. Can a message help in achieving greatest help by simply reducing harms?
  5. Does the decision being ethical today be the same in future?
  6. Are you comfortable with the way you communicate ethically? What would anyone do to admire them?

It should be remembered that as being a manager it should be your responsibility of thinking about your choices from communication and what consequences do they have?

Communication Issues in Today’s Organizations 5


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