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Gaga Over Gaga

Lady Gaga has taken the level of music towards storms just at the age of 20 years. She is known for her blend of music savvy. She is always seen in interesting hair style and a fabulous voice with a “Euro Vibe”. Five years back the existence of this individual was not traced but now Stefani Germanotta has attained all success. Earlier she used to be a waitress at New York clubs and also sang there. But on a contrary she was ambitious and had huge goals in mind. After being dropped from the Def Jam, she had been a part of core team and named the team as Haus of Gaga. Behind this the only thing that mainly focused on was fashionable choice being made with a case of study for the requirements needed for business study.

Gaga Over Gaga 15Gaga has thrown a deep impact upon the listeners within short period of one year. She has been able to sell more of her 10 million albums just being her own creation. Four songs has been famous being on top of list. Her first track was sold in 2009 and this had reached to 15.3 million. More than 1 million viewers are following her on web. Gaga has been nicknamed a “Little Monster”. More than 6.4 million people are following her on twitter. Not only had this but Lady Gaga been most on the search engines of Google. For showing respect for her success gaga opened the Grammy’s award shows in 2010 with the assistance of a legend Sir Elton John. An executive from advertisement had mentioned that no other artist could have such command as this lady does. If she is representing your brand then the brand is going to be jam. For example, today with cosmetics from MAC she had made a glimmer lipstick with millions of eyes stuck on it. She had done this for raising funds for AIDs assistance. What kind of strategy does she follow?

Important part of her success was awareness about digital media and her ability of exploiting the social media. She had a personality of being a social media active. Lady Gaga has though made some of her songs free for online users but yet for some fans this has been exponential. Another key feature of Gaga’s life is handling of business within 360 degrees. This had even made other replace with lady gaga for better revenue generation. Markets are seen investing more upon Lady Gaga. But in return merchandise sales, revenues, and other earning kept for them.

The personality of Lady Gaga was for calculated strategy. She has leaded a life that would help her cut through the subcultures along with those of teens. Her looks are not as intense for shock as they were somewhere similar to those of Alice Cooper and Gene Simmons. This has made her unique and thus keeps her different from all other. Gaga is not as a niche artist in fact her sound would last for longer period and the ability would be persistent through musical industry.

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