The Virus Hunters

Can you imagine how it would be if you could never finish your products, your work was incomplete and there was a shift of 30 times in your market? This is something which did not have to be imagined by the virus at Symantec Corporation..Why you ask? Because this was no imagination for them, but hard core reality. This was something they had to face in their daily work. Their office is located at in Santa Monica which is in California and it has been described as quite the complex of all the networks present at Symantec. Here the analysts collect all the suspicious codes as well as the software and try and understand the method in which they function, so they can write anti-virus codes to counteract them and protect their customer and clients.

There is a box which is placed near the door of the lab and it is a hazardous one as it is marked “danger” and they keep or contain all their tapes, disks, hard drives and other pen drives in it all contain nasty and dangerous viruses in them and should be absolutely disposed of. It might seem that their situation is unique, but the truth is the company is responsible for making network and content security for both the businesses and the customers which shows or reflects all the realities, these organizations are facing daily: they are shifting the expectations of their customers and global competitors are emerged for whom the life cycle of their product is drastically shortened.

When the worm was launched, it changed the organization’s perspective towards dealing with the viruses. The frontline analysts had to continuously work for two straight weeks to fight the cause and effect which was caused by the worm and the virus which were made from it. This particular worm and the damage it created, helped the organization realise how talented their team of virus killers needed to be since there was already a burn out seen in their employees. The team of the response centre comprise of hundred and the managers route these people who were present in the early position of the lines where they are given the responsibility to respond to the current and new threats that, light arise, into individual groups, so they can prove their help in developing new products. Others are responsible for writing the research papers. The others are also assigned to make new tools which will provide assistance to fellow colleagues in the process of battling these new emerging threats. Thus they have never ending work under their wing and once they get finished in Santa Monica, thus being continued by people from Tokyo. Once the Japanese are over with their job, the people at Dublin take over and then it returns to Santa Monica and the chain continues. The work is not only challenging and quite chaotic and front and ranges over the whole globe.

Even after putting so much effort, the experts of security have come to the realization that the battle is losing one and hence their next plan is to add a new line of defence and use power of various people to track these cyber criminals and punish them. There is no more point in trying to put an end to the bad deed, but it is important to chase the bad people now. Thus they have introduced their new Norton security System and have asked people to join in a particular program which will collect data regarding attempted intrusions to computer and forward it all to the authorities.

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