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Aiming Higher

Colombia’s greatest bank is Bancolombia. At its smooth new central station at Medellin, there is no extravagant official seat. Rather, everybody from the bank’s president to associates utilizes indistinguishable calfskin and ergonomic steel seats. The simple message: nobody here has extraordinary benefits. The seats, the wide-openspace workplaces, with a contemporary outline mirror the organization’s authoritative.

Case Application 1 Aiming Higher 20A culture that perceives singular commitments however intensely stresses cooperation. González Bacci, Bancolombia’s chief of HR, says that such culture created out of a need to coordinate workers from the bank’s numerous acquisitions and manufacture a reclusive personality among representatives and according to clients. “We need to fortify the thought with our laborers that accomplishing the gathering vision relies upon everybody, not simply on administration, and we need to give customers the inclination that they would be managing only one organisation, so they visualize no distinction between the diverse organisations in the saving money gathering.”

Collaboration is urgent to the accomplishment of such approach. Administrators are made a request to cultivate participation and joint effort. All workers have both aggregate and individual objectives. Anyone who needs to wind up plainly a director must match the assessment criteria that is intensely weighted toward relationship building abilities rather than specific aptitudes. Service before self is the prime key word for all on the board. It is the required ingredient for a long term nurturing relationship.

Disregard of what Bancolombia is in to the results are brilliant of what it is working on. Termed by Latin Exchange magazine this is one amongst the best working environments in Colombia. What’s more, it was coined to be as being one of nation grant victors for the best bank by the magazine.

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