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Importance of human resource management and what affects the process

This department gives an organization that extra edge it needs to be competitive, it constructs the organizational strategies of the company, and it provides the right way to treat their employees in the right manner. However, economy, rules and law, labor unions are the external factors which affects it.

Discuss the tasks associated with identifying and selecting employees

Sources of potential candidates for the job basically includes campus recruiting, the internet, professional organization for recruiting employees etc. Selection devices are crucial some of them are online application forms, written tests to check the aptitude of the employee, regular assessments at centers and other physical exams. Job previews are also very crucial because, the end result of this is always good and satisfying.

Explain the different types of orientation and training

Orientation is given to a new employee to make him or her fell comfortable and needed. It familiarizes the worker with the environment and they also get to know their co­workers very well.

Training is generally of two types: first is the general training and second is the specific training. You can ether use traditional training methods like coaching and mentoring or, you can also use the modern or the technology based approach, which includes e­-classroom, videotapes, DVDs and cds.

Describe the strategies used for retaining competent and high performing employees

Certain appraisal methods include essays, BARS, graphs, 360 degree appraisal and many more. High and well performing candidates should be given proper compensation and benefits in order to retain them for the company. These benefits are unionizations, labor unions, proper graphical location and many more. The pay systems which are skill based makes much more sense and they are rewarded for their demonstrated skills and high performance. In case of variable pay system the employee is solely rewarded depending on their performance.

Discuss contemporary issues while managing human resource

The human resource department has to face lots of issues for instance, downsizing, sexual harassment, balancing work life and personal life, taking care of health care cost of the employees and their pensions.

Every organization needs to have so­­­­­­­me kind of a policy at the workplace against sexual harassment. Organizations also provide family benefit to their employees so that they can harmonize their work and family together. To keep a check on the health of employees’ family the company provides health care benefits so that they can work properly, moreover companies are also rethinking their pension plans for their employees.

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