Preparing for My Career – Managing Human Resources

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Ethics dilemma

Which one should an employee prefer, having the risk of losing the job or a vaccination for influenza? Among the other states, New York was the first one, which states that every employee should be very well immunized against influenza. Nowadays the hospitals are taking a similar step. However, the workers of the health care unit have to say that vaccination should remain only theirs. Therefore, what are your views on it and what kind of ethical implication is there? Should there be any other profession, which keeps this kind of requirement as well?

Skills exercise 

How to develop your interviewing skills

About the skill

Everyone who is a manager needs to be up-to-date with his interviewing skills. The discussion below highlights the key points linked to the interviewing skill.


  1. Review all the specification and description of the job –you will get certain valuable information once you start reviewing the specifications of the job properly, you will also realize how you should go about assessing the candidates.
  2. Prepare a bunch of questions before­hand – by this you will ensure whether or not you are getting the required answer from your candidate thus, you will be able to compare the answers coming from different candidate
  3. Review the resume of the candidate before you start the interview ­– if you do so then you will be able to have a clear picture of that person and you will be able to assess him better. This also gives you a chance to focus on his strengths and also on his weakness.
  4. Try to put the applicant at ease – the applicant tend to stay very tensed and this way you will be able to make the candidate familiar with the interviewing environment.
  5. Try to question the applicant properly and very closely assess the answers.
  6. Try not to make the candidate more anxious, tell him what is going to happen next and close the interview.
  7. Try to evaluate the candidate while the admission is going on, this way it will stay fresh in your mind and you will be able to make a clear judgement.

Practicing the skill

Try to keep your resume updated. Ask your friends and family in to corporate world about what should you add to make it more appealing to the interviewer. You should always make effort to keep your technical skills updated and correct. Polish your abilities and qualities this will surely help you get your dream job.

Working together  

Team exercise

As time passes by the criteria for body art is increasing day by day. This poses a challenge for the HR department. Try to form a team or small groups who will be able to discuss what should be the proper policy of grooming and dress code of the applicant. You should make a list and always try to share the list with the rest of the team to get their views and opinions as well.

My turn to be a manager 

  • According to recent studies the salaries of women are lagging behind that of men. Only about 76% of what men are paid goes to women. Therefore, try to address this grave issue by filing a complaint.
  • Try to go through the human resource news and get all the information you can. Discuss the same topics with other managers as well.
  • Make the Internet useful by checking out other companies and find out how are the careers of other people there and make sure to present your finding to others.
  • Try to keep looking for the kinds of HRM activities that takes place. Try to practice what is best to find a good employee.
  • Pick any good topic out of the contemporary issues from human resource management, do some serious research on it and try to write a paper about it.
  • The best tool in powerful learning is self-knowledge. Therefore, try to question yourself constantly, try to find out your strengths and weaknesses. Assess yourself every day and think about how you can overcome your weaknesses.


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