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Preparation for Career 

Ethics dilemma:

British Company of petroleum from the Gulf of Mexico has been trying to pause the gushing of oil and the torches of public relations. The only step that the company has been taking over the purchasing the web searching terms like “Oil spill” and other “Oil Spill claims” on the websites of Google. Women from the group of spokesperson from the company have stated that “their strategy assisting that group of people who has more impact and can also help find the exact right group of people for quick and effective process.” On the other hand a person handling the issues of crisis is stating, “He alone handles the clients as in case if they do not buy any of the terms then someone else would buy them.” Another person states, “Most of the other companies are trying to improve their visibility over internet search engines for buying of relevant searches”.

Till the extent these people are providing a perfect factual as well as information’s with those of social media system then there is no reason why they shouldn’t buy those search terms. What is your thinking on this? Is this the case of ethical issues? What type of ethical concern is seen in BP actions? Which type of stakeholders would be affected by the BP’s action and that too in what manner?

Skills Exercises:

Development for the empowerment of people’s skills:

About skills:

Often managers are seen making others do their work. This is done as there is certain limit upon any managers work performance and this needs to be understood by all managers. Delegation is one kind of assignment of some kind of the authority to other persons for special task. This will allow all employees to make their own decisions. But in this case the delegation shouldn’t be confused at the term participation. In case of participation decision is made and shared by authority whereas in delegation the decisions are made by employees.

Steps involved in practicing any of the skills:

Numerous rates of actions are there that differentiate delegator with other form of delegators that are ineffective. Following behaviors are genuinely sued by the delegators:

  1. Clarification of assignments: First determine the delegated task and for whom it is done. For this what you need to perform is simply identifying the person whom you want the task to work for and then determining the time and motivates the person. If in case your employee is willing for some task then it becomes your duty to make them understand upon topics like delegation, results being expected by you, and time limits for better performances. Until there are overriding methods till then you have to be updated for delegate results itself. Get your employee with better options and ask them to decide.
  2. Specify to which range the employee can create discretion. There is no such situation that is seen without any constraints. You can delegate on employee with an authority of performing certain ask but you cannot ask others to make such delegations. This delegating is done within limits of certain parameters. This parameter needs to be explained for avoiding any type of discretion issue by employees.
  3. Allow your employees participation. It is very necessary for any employee to take part in any opportunity in order to fulfill any of the goals with proper decisions. This is a fact that allowing your employees for participation would also create set of potentials to be there without any further barrier.
  4. Better inform people about delegation. Never the delegation should happen behind any scene. Not the employee but the manager also needs to be specifically known what exactly a delegation is all about. But it should not be any other who would be affected with the employee’s decision. It is required by you for further communication with other employees from inside to the outside of the organization.
  5. Establish channels for better feedback. Without feedback controlling the delegation would create problems. Establish of controls would help employees improve their performances. With this the information would be completely identified and this will be completed with time with desired techniques. These controls need to be identified at the initial stage. You have to agree upon specific tasks time period for completion and set the dates as required. Then slowly the employees would return back results with any kind of issues and this could be solved. Often these controls could be checked periodically for ensuring that authority guideline is not being suppressed and all policies of the organization is being taken care of.

Skills practice:

Read this scenario and then find out what type of situation can be handled with the help of five behaviors.


Ricky lee is manager of groups of contracts at a regional office of a supply distributor. Boss, Anne Zumwalt has been preparing for end month preparation of new procedures of departments manuals. This manual would also contain outline for negotiate contracts with other manufacturers products. This is so as because Ricky is already working for some other project. He went to the Anne for asking whether this could be assigned to Bill Harmon for rewriting. This Harmon was an employee working in a group with Ricky for some project. This made Anne with no issue as Harmon was already aware of such parameters and could work as expected. For this task Ricky has been planning for a meeting with Harmon.

Team Exercises:

Organization charts plays a very crucial role for making it easily understandable about organizational structures aspects. For this make a team of four or three and work accordingly. Choose the organization name with which you are familiar with. Draw chart of the organization. Be careful while creating the chain of commands and with perfections and later on after completion do share them with classmates.

Turn is mine for being a manager:

  • Describe about three different organizational charts with annual report. Try to show the relevant usage of designing elements specifically about departmentalization, chain of the commands, formalization along with centralization and decentralization.
  • Survey and find about 10 managers who supervise their employees. Enquire them whether this number of employees are satisfactory for them or they could handle eve more number. Create a graph about this and then draw certain conclusion from here on span of control.
  • Make usage of designing of organizational chart. Which type of changes could make organization more effective? Prepare a report with description of and why are they made. Then you need to add certain kind of organizational chart for better revised models.
  • Suggested reading by the Steve’s and Mary: The Future Manager, Gary Hamel, Thomas Friedman, Harold J. Leavitt, top to down: Why are these hierarchies and their effective management, and also about the Thomas W. Malone.
  • Write down about those three things that you have learnt through the chapter.
  • Self-learning is the best tool for more knowledge gain. For completion of these exercises please do visit Here you will get points like how to handle ambiguity, what is the organizational structure, how good you are at politics playing more about bureaucracy, how often are you willing for delegate, identification of all your personnel strengths, etc. What steps would you use to reinforce the strengths and get rid of your weaknesses?


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