Case Application 2: A New Kind of Structure

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A New Kind of Structure 

It has to be admitted that sometime the projects being worked by you could be boring. Would it be a good feeling to just push a button and get your work done by someone else? This button has been a reality at the Pfizer. They are searching for ways that could be more efficiently helpful for all employees. The senior of the company has founded, “Harvard MBA staffing being hired was meant for the strategically innovative organizational development has made various power points.” Various studies from internal based had also stated that the valuable timing was spending hours behind the menial tasking. The employees from Pfizer were spending 20 to 40 percentile of their time behind the work whereas the rest 60 percent to 80 were spending hours behind collecting knowledge about work.

Even after this the problem was not lower. With this most of the higher level of employees was seen being affected. For example you could consider David Cain executive director of global engineering. He even enjoys what he does including the real estate business by taking varied risks. But overall he was not much happy with work of spreadsheets and other power points. For the magic button of the Pfizer most of the working is being passed upon to the outside of their organization.

But what is the button of magic all about? Originally this was called to be Office of the Future (OOF) and later on renamed their business to Pfizer. It even allowed the employees to have shifted their task to time consuming one with one button click. All descriptions are made upon sheet of paper being published online. After receiving the request of a team member calls out for further clarification. Then the member of team would send a clarification mail. If the employees from the Pfizer are ready to work still they will be charged some costs. About these Cain has mentioned that working with the personal consulting organizations is definitely needed.

Pfizer has been at a great beneficial with their 66500 number. This is a number of works saved for employees under Pfizer’s. Then how would you talk about the experience of Cain? He gave a team of India with project complexity for further strategic actions and has worked accordingly with many facilities. This team has taken the report to consideration within one month’s time period. This could have been done within 6 months of time. Pfizer is paying for the strategy and not for tactics.

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