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Designing of Organizations

Millions of the school crowds are being sold each new month. Have you heard about Silly Bandz? If you are still over 10 years of age then you won’t have heard of Silly. These are colorful Bandz in a twisted form for kids. It was all because of a small businesses that created these Bandz. It was by the BCP imports from Toledo and had also increased employees level from over 20 to 200in a single year. In fact they have also added 20 lines of phone for further enquiries. Person who looks behind these all decisions are the president of the company Robert Croak. While making structure based designing managers have to choose a single source for common designing. Here in these chapters only the traditional designing’s would be focused on.

From these designs managers could also make a perfect choice of structure for their organizational design. This is done as they turn out to be a mechanistic. A brief summary is shown at Exhibit 10-10.

Traditional Designing of Organizations 10Simplest structure:

With the help of simple structure the companies start their journey as an entrepreneur. This is a design of organization with lesser number of departmentalization, authority, less formalization and also spans of control are wider. After addition of employees most of those structures do not remain simple. They become more of a specialized one. All kinds of rules are imposed, work gets specialized, various departments are also made, management levels being added, the organization gets bureaucratic. Here the managers may choose divisional or else functional structures.

Functional Structure:

Here at this structure organizational designing’s are grouped with similar specialty occupation. This is one of the best options of functional departmental application to the complete group of organizations.

Divisional Structures:

This is a form of structure made from separate businesses or divisions. But each of the separate units will have limited rate of autonomies. In fact a division manager would also look for the authority check over the performance. The parent organization here in divisional structure acts like an external watcher and also controls varied division. They also provide service like financial as well as legal. Walmart is another example of two divisions. This includes retail and support business.

Overall here in the above chapter importance are given mainly to the structure of organization and it’s designing. In fact it has also been showed that organizing decision is not only a single task for upper managerial level. All level managers have to make dealing with any specialized situation or authority with span control over decisions. Similarly in the later chapter discussion would be continued about organizational functionalities with contemporary designing’s of organization.


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